Look For These Things When Dating Men in Their Forties

mariya-georgieva-0O6Fv3Ff_XI-unsplashPhoto by Mariya Georgieva on Unsplash

If you’re dating and looking to meet a man in his forties, there are certain things to look for that you most likely didn’t consider when you were dating in your twenties.

At this stage of the game, your dating pool may be more shallow, but on a positive note, the man you should be looking for, will be wiser and hopefully, more self-aware than the guys you ran into when you were 20 or 30.

He’s Self-Aware & Works on Himself

He knows his flaws and doesn’t pretend he doesn’t have them. He owns who he is and also, he works to better himself. Sure, he will have baggage just as we all do, but he will try to make the baggage “lighter” and will always own which luggage is his– if you catch my drift.

He’s Willing to Work for You as He Knows He Stands to Gain

He’s not 20 and naive. He knows relationships take work. He knows that being with someone is a dance … sometimes you lead, sometimes your partner leads– and sometimes the pace is fast or slow.

He knows that to be with you will require effort, but he also knows that he stands to gain much from being with you. He knows it’s worth the work and he will commit!

His Ego Doesn’t Dictate His Decisions

He’s not looking to run up his bedroom numbers. He’s human and of course, has his share of fantasies, but he doesn’t need his ego stroked. He would rather be with you and miss out on a few opportunities than chase every other single person in town.

He’s also humble because– his ego doesn’t do the leading. He knows when to ask for help and when to be vulnerable, even if he hates to do so. He doesn’t allow his pride and ego to start a fight, nor does he go to bed angry.

He Communicates & Shares His Feelings

Sure, not every thought he has is going to be pretty. He’s an adult and he’s honest, but he will share his feelings.

He will also tell you what you mean to him and he will put in the time to communicate and listen to you. He will be for the most part, kind and careful with his words.

He will let you know how important you are.

He Wants to Spend Time With You

He loves time with his friends and family, but he also really loves time with you.

He knows that in order to keep you, he needs to invest and he is willing to do so.

He’s Wiser & Appreciates What You Offer

He’s been there, done that. He’s felt pain and heartache. Sure, he’s got bumps and bruises from it, but he knows more than he did before. He appreciates what you bring to the table and he wants to help you shine and he hopes you’ll do the same for him.

It’s a New Year. Keep your heart open!



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