Thoughts on Holiday Romantic Highs & Lows


Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash

The holidays are a frenzied time of highs and lows for most people. If you’re entering into the New Year still a bit dizzy over the past few weeks, you’re not alone. Depending on your own personal situation with love, perhaps the holidays were very successful and romantic, or perhaps it was not at all. It may have even been a mix of highs and lows– that is life, after all. Here are some typical holiday romantic highs and lows, and how to deal with them as you enter in the new year.

You got amazing gifts from your loved one.

Your partner or love interest spoiled you rotten. After the high and delight from such care and love, you are probably feeling really confident in your relationship. Treasure it! And also realize that some times, your partner won’t be able to be as doting.


Your love interest didn’t get you a gift

If you love interest or partner didn’t buy you a gift and he or she isn’t unemployed or broke– or you didn’t decide ahead of time to skip on gifts which many couples do happen to do, then you are probably questioning what’s going on.

Is the relationship new? Maybe he or she felt it was too soon. This person may not have known what to get you as well.

Is your partner distant? It’s time for a talk.

Is your partner not the type for gifts but instead, hoping to go out with you or share an experience together? That’s still a gift!

You rang in the New Year together.

This is a special moment. So many couples that I know take this for granted. Starting the New Year off together is very special. Cherish that!


Your love interest or partner didn’t want to be with you at midnight.

Unless the person is traveling or working or sick … this is very sad.

To me, if someone cares about you, he or she would want to start off the year with you.

I find “not wanting to be together” on New Years a difficult thing to swallow.

Your person of interest however, may just really be unsure of where you two are headed–it just depends on the situation.

It can really sting when someone turns you down or doesn’t want to celebrate this day with you although in theory, it really is just another day. The calendar just makes it special.

Of course, perhaps your love interest may be with kids or family, and it may be too soon in the relationship for you guys to all be together. That would also be a good exception to the rule. as would be sickness, work or travel.

Keep that all in mind.

You spent the holidays together for the first time.

This is such a great moment in your partnership. The first time for anything is always a mix of great and nervous anticipation. You should feel very good about this and I promise you, you will look back and really cherish those early moments in your relationship.


You spent the holidays apart or got turned down when you asked to celebrate together.

Maybe your relationship is in a rocky stage.

Maybe your love interest isn’t ready yet to take it to that stage– and if so, that is okay. New situations take time to develop.

Along with these situations, there are also the lazy holiday break days off together. This makes going back to work even harder. Let’s not forget special date nights around this time of year. They can be really special and more sexually and romantically exciting as people are more “in the spirit” to have fun. However for some people, the holidays can seem draining and nights out might not be as fun. But for people who are feeling out a potential love interest, newly dating or getting out as a couple while someone else watches the kids, these dates can be super special.

Whether your holidays were full of love, full of nothing or a mix of both, keep a positive attitude going forward for the year. The better the attitude, the more positive responses you’ll attract from your partner or person of interest.

Happy 2020,



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