Men Who Do These 6 Things Are Incredibly Sexy


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Every person has his or her own language of love, but there are certain things that men do that women find attractive and sexy. Is it a universal rule that every woman will find these things irresistible? No, but there are many women who would agree that these actions or character traits are incredibly appealing. Read on and see just how irresistible (or not) you might be!

Surprising her– Spontaneity

Okay, some women want the outfit planned and everything timed to a T, however, there is something irresistible and so attractive when a man plans a surprise for us. It feels so thoughtful, romantic and fun to be surprised, whether it’s with a dinner, a visit, a trip away, a present– anything!

Releasing her from a burden– Helpful

A man she cares about know she’s stressed and needs to relax, so if he steps in to help take a burden off her shoulders or give her some extra love– this is very appealing.

Giving her physical attention– Affectionate

Massages, kisses, hugs– keeping your eyes on her … these things make her feel special to you and also, beautiful.\

Treating her to an unexpected gift– Generous

A surprise gift, flowers, chocolates, a pedicure– a book– whatever! A little gift  makes her feel as if you’re thinking about her.

Making the play– Fun and Playful

A guy who wants to play her in a game of pool, bowling, or any sport or game is fun! A little healthy competition not only gets the blood flowing, but also gets the laughter flowing, too.

Praising her for something she’s done– Demonstrative

Hearing a man say he’s proud of you really goes a long way for a woman. What about the man who brings home a card and flowers for a recent promotion or even something as small as, hitting a financial goal or enduring a tough day at work?

Sweet words also go a long way. Hearing how important or wonderful you are to someone you care about is also really special.

Every person will show love in his or her own way, but when someone goes the distance it really impacts the other person’s heart in a huge way.

Love Big in 2020,





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