5 Reasons Your Friend, Love Interest or Partner Is Flaky


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Some people are flaky by nature.  They leave everyone sitting around, waiting and waiting and waiting …

Their personalities make them go from person to person, or thing to thing without seeing anything through. They never settle down with anyone and their hobbies change by the minute. This type of individual doesn’t necessarily mean any harm. They just (I guess) go by the seat of his or her pants until boredom hits, and then a change is needed.

But, if you are often or are hurt by someone’s flakiness, this can be incredibly frustrating.

Here are 5 reasons someone might be flaky and unreliable:

They May Be Stressed

We all can be flaky sometimes– especially if we are stressed and feeling like we’re being pulled in too many directions. This can lead to missed meet ups and phone calls.

The person might just be extremely stressed and having a hard time juggling things. He or she may be going through tough times. I know when I have hard times I can be forgetful or may need to retreat in and out of my social sphere to manage my feelings.

They May Be Doing Too Much or Seeing Other People

Maybe that flaky person is really doing too much. Too much responsibility at work, home and activities. They may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Not to mention, some people may flake out because they’re seeing other people and having multiple dates/conversations with others. This can make the person forgetful and distracted.

They May Be Bored of You

Sad to say, but perhaps the person feels bored with you. Perhaps this person had fun with you and is now well, over it– and you. Maybe you’ve hit an expiration date in his/her life, and this person is ready to move onto the next person. It’s a crappy thing but don’t worry– the flaky person will soon get bored of the next person. I guarantee it.

They May See You as Filling One Need Only

Maybe you’re the friend they go running with– but don’t ask to tea.

Maybe you’re the woman he’s seeing for fun and sex– but doesn’t see you as a commitment material.

Maybe you’re the go-to friend for advice … when he or she needs it … but not for fun outings.

And hey– sometimes we do have friends that we do certain things with versus other friends, so this may not be hurtful or even a bad thing. As you can see from the above mentioned situations, some are more hurtful scenarios than others. Some are just simply a relational preference– maybe your running buddy doesn’t make for a great bar crawl pal.

They May Be Afraid to Lose Freedom

This is really only applicable to potential dates– not friends.

Your love interest who flakes around may be afraid of commitment or simply, settling down and being with you and no one else. The person may want the freedom to see many others.

Waiting in Vain or With Reason?


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