You Had a Great Date & The Person Flaked Afterwards– What Happened?


Photo by Davids Kokainis on Unsplash

Had an amazing date and then–screech– he/she retreated or has been flaky?

It can leave you scratching your head wondering what the heck just happened.

Of course, most likely it has nothing to do with you! So that’s one positive thing.

I mean, if you had a great amazing date and the person then acts weird– most likely, he or she is weird, and not you.

Here are potential reasons you’re not getting asked out again after a wonderful date:

The person is seeing someone else

The person may have feelings for someone else or may be seeing other people.

If the person wasn’t honest with you about that– that can suck– but it’s his or her fault … not yours!

The person is flaky

Maybe the individual just gets bored with people and flits around. Maybe the person had fun but has no deep desire to commit or get serious. Maybe the person just has too much on his or her plate to get the next date rolling.

The person may not be who you thought he/she was

Maybe the person has a secret life or is battling some demons. It’s possible!

The person may be intimidated 

The date was great … so now maybe the person is analyzing to death what this means for the two of you. Maybe the person sees you have potential but is afraid to take a risk. The person may not want to take the chance on you. Foolish yes, but possible.

The person may be dealing with a family situation

A sick parent or sick child or other circumstance could be preventing the next date– but not so likely.

The person may not be honest about what he or she wanted

You thought the person wanted to date and consider the possibilities between the two of you, but maybe the person wasn’t really upfront about what he or she wants.

The person may have ran into an ex

And so now, they’re managing that relationship and may have no interest in furthering things with you.

Or the person could be dealing with the complicated feelings from the past, and the potential good ones of the future.

The person may have wanted sex and when it didn’t happen … backed out

It’s possible. If the person had “one thing in mind” and it didn’t happen, well … he or she may ghost you.

The person may have put on a good act, but doesn’t really like you

This is rare as I don’t think many people can fake feelings that well, but it’s definitely possible.

In Summation:

If the person doesn’t want to further the connection or go onto the next date, the person is a fool.

It’s their loss. They’ll regret it eventually, because you’re fabulous!





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