The Power of New Love


Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

New love is amazing.

It’s the fulfillment that yes, good things do happen! It’s the hope that starts a new day. It’s the fire that starts under your butt when things are bad. Because even when things are bad, love carries us through.

Love has the power to heal the old wounds. To shush our fears and give us faith in things unseen and hoped for.

Love has the ability to make you work a little harder when really, you want to quit.

New love especially reminds you of all the times you cried, felt despair and pain.

New love says to those painful moments:  I saw you, I heard you and here I am to tell you that the bad times aren’t forever.

New love says to the faithful– you held onto hope and here I am. I showed up.

It’s amazing when you think of it. How love has the power to make you wake up and get out of bed a little bit more quickly. How love has the ability to make you feel a bit better when you’re sick and less alone when you are weary.

It can change a person. It can make someone hold out even when times are intensely hard.

It touches everyone of every age, gender, race and preference. It goes past class lines and yes, racial lines.

Sometimes the buck gets stopped.

But love is the one thing we all intimately relate to, desire and are maybe even afraid of.

That’s why when we feel that first feeling. When we catch that first glance. That first touch that says this is more than what we have had before …

We want to hang on to it. Feel it forever. We don’t want it to end. We are the five year old who doesn’t want to leave the birthday party, hanging onto every single moment. We are the dog who chews at the bone for the marrow, savoring what we have.

Always appreciate love when you find it. It won’t last forever unless you feed it.

Positive Creates Positive,


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