How to Get the Best Revenge on Someone Who Hurt You


Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

When I got divorced, I did not want any revenge on my ex. I only wanted him to be happy. In general with most break ups I had, I wished the person well and we remained friends. A few didn’t want to be friends and a few I sort of didn’t really care for, but generally revenge is just not my cup of tea.

But occasionally, we all have someone who has cut us to the bone and disappointed us in such huge ways that it feels as if we will never be ok. Of course, someone great always comes around to show up that fool who hurt you, but in the meantime, dealing with the hurt can be challenging.

Here are “good ways” to get revenge so you can feel great and let the fool be smarting … not you!

Ignore The Person

In public. In private. Always. When you see the person, snub him or her. Don’t return a smile. Don’t be kind. Don’t be mean. Just ignore the person.

If that person hurt you, he or she doesn’t deserve your time.

Be A Success

Succeed at all you do. Put your best energy forward. Make your goals.

Don’t let that silly dumb*ss bring you down. Shine, shine and shine some more!

Don’t let the pain or hurt stop you.

Give Them A Hand

Of someone else you’re dating …

When the time comes and you meet someone awesome who blows this poopy head out of the water, introduce the old fool to the new beau and smile.

Smile big and wide.

And then say, “Hope you’re doing great.”

Trust me, after all that ignoring and then this? That person will realize what a dummy she or he has been!

Nod At An Apology

When the person says sorry, just nod or say fine.

How sorry is the person if he or she hurt you?

Probably not too sorry. So don’t be super happy or rude towards the apology. Just acknowledge it in a small way and watch to see if the person means it.

Sooner or later, the truth will come out and if someone who hurt you is not a kind person, that person will just be mean again. If the person is sorry, you will see positive changes.

Keep Your Chin Up

You may be hurting now– but don’t worry– keep your chin up and just wait for karma to do its job.



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