One Day, The Person Who Didn’t Appreciate You Will Regret It


Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

We’ve all gone through this: dealt with one person who just didn’t appreciate all the time, energy and care we offered. Maybe it was a friend. Maybe a partner.

You put in the effort needed for a happy friendship or relationship, and the other person sort of took you for granted or, didn’t appreciate you … OR the person may have appreciated you silently but didn’t show it.

Whatever the case, after a while, you got tired of making all the effort just to get either little back in return or perhaps, nothing at all. Or maybe, you got back in return sometimes and sometimes not.

Now, you’ve decided you’re tired of expending your resources on the person who doesn’t appreciate you.

You drive off– metaphorically or maybe even literally … leaving that person in the dust.

You only had so much to give and that person wasn’t charging up your “battery” or giving back in return. You were left with nothing else to give at that point.

As you head on down the road, you wonder if the person will ever appreciate all you gave.

While a few stragglers will never “get” what you gave, I am here to tell you that a good chunk of those people who took or refused to be available for you will regret their foolish choices.

That person will be filled with regret and heartache. It may be years from the day you decide you won’t give that person a second more of your time, or it may be weeks, but that person will wake up and be filled with regret.

The good news?

You won’t be. You gave. You gave and tried. You have nothing to feel bad about.

That other person? He or she lost an opportunity. He or she will feel the foolishness.

At the end of the day, you will know you gave it your best and that other person?

That other person will know he/she didn’t.

That person will hold the failure.

Hang tight– good things are coming,


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