The Person Who Sews Your Heart Back Together



Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

One day, when you have believed it to be impossible. One day, when you will have waited so long you don’t even remember a time when you weren’t waiting.

One day, when you have exhausted all hope and thrown all your cards in–

someone will show up and sew your heart back together.

She will stitch together the pieces your ex left when she cheated or ran you ragged.

He will knit and craft your broken heart edges that remained from your ex’s cruel words or lack of love.

This person will show up, and seem like a myth or a fable. This person will seem like a mirage or a hologram, but indeed:

He or she will be very, very, very real.

This person will be tender, deliberate and thoughtful where the last person was not.

This person will give and give, tending to the very parts of your heart that hurt the most– and never, ever leave you hanging.

And while this person makes tiny, double or wide stitches to repair the “brokenness” that you thought was not repairable, you too will hold needle and thread, carefully tending to your new love’s old wounds that someone left behind for you to fix.

And isn’t that what makes love so great? It’s ability to heal. We heal each other as we heal ourselves. As we give, we receive so much in return just by giving. As we love, we receive so much by allowing someone else to love us.

You need to permit yourself to take that love. Permit that person to make those stitches.

They must permit you to stitch together the holes they haven’t been able to mend.

One day, someone will come with needle and a spool of thread that will seem unending.

Allow that person to bring you together.

It will be the best thing you ever did.

Have Faith,


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