Is Your Life Full of Meaningful People & Purpose?

mercedes-bosquet-g6oL2ENVG10-unsplashPhoto by Mercedes Bosquet on Unsplash

We all have a reason and purpose for being here, although some may argue that there is no purpose at all other than existing. But in my opinion, I believe we all have a path to carve as we are here on Earth.

We all have people, things and activities that propel us to wake up every day. Inside of all of us, is a light. Some of us are able to harness that light and shine it to others well, and some people, not at all. Maybe that person is not “well.” Maybe that person is depressed or traumatized. Whatever the case, we all want to shine that light, whether we feel able to or not. And at different times in our lives, we may be able to focus that light and share it with others whereas in other times, we may feel dark and dim.

I know that I personally feel my absolute brightest, when I am able to give love to others and feel needed and wanted in return. I feel lit from within as well, when I am creative, whether through writing or dance. Singing. Working together on an idea.

I feel my most darkest when I am doing work that is not meaningful to me or, when I don’t feel needed or wanted by people I love. I am sure many of us can relate to that!

I think one of the most important things is to know who and what keeps us “turned on.”

Do you enjoy solving problems? Do you feel energized fixing things? Do you like to articulate your ideas in words or pictures? Do you feel happiest when closest to someone in a conversation? Do you feel happiest when physically intimate with someone special?

Tapping into what makes you bright is key. It keeps anxiety and depression at bay and helps us to be fulfilled as people.

Here are some things to consider when you are feeling “dark” and needing your light to come through:

Are You Surrounded By People Who Truly Love & “Get You?”

Having a supportive partner and friends is important. If the person you’re dating or say your friend group doesn’t understand what you need to feel loved and happy, you are bound to feel dark.

A great partner knows that say, you feel most energized when verbally appreciated by him or her or, when you’re solving a puzzle.

A great partner knows that you need to be physically active, so he supports your dance class. A great friend knows you tend to seclude yourself even when you need company, so she comes and visits and brings good coffee or tea.

If your crew or your romantic partner do no tap into your “light” or give you that chance to shine, you will feel dark.

It is really key to have a partner who feeds your motivation! Also essential to have supportive friends.

Does Your Daily Work Have Meaning?

You’re socially aware but work for a company that isn’t.

You love to be creative, but your superiors and coworkers micromanage you so much that you can’t be.

You enjoy helping others, so you decided to switch careers and go into health care.

If your daily work doesn’t tap into what motivates you and makes you happy, you will feel “dark.”

Do You Have Opportunities To Express Yourself In A Way That Is Compatible With Your Light?

The dancer without a stage can still dance, but he/she needs to find a way to make a space still.

The baseball player who has no team or no games, is one who feels amiss.

A person who speaks another language and no one to speak it to, is a bit lost.

We all need ways to express ourselves that bring out our best selves.

We all deserve to be loved by someone who helps us channel our brightness. We all deserve to do meaningful work that serves our purpose, whether it’s to solve large mathematical equations, or help heal sick animals. We all deserve to have friends who champion us and help our candle glow brighter.

If you don’t have these things or people in your crew, don’t give up. Search for better people, better work and more meaningful activities. You deserve it!

Shine, Shine, Shine,




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