3 Key Differences Between Men Who Take You Seriously & Men Who Treat You as an Option

kelly-sikkema-5g8exOobDjg-unsplashPhoto by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

You meet a guy and he seems fabulous… but a bit flaky at times. Does he care about you? Does he find you valuable or just someone to toy with?

Are you meaningful to him and special? Or just a notch on the ol’ belt?

Are you his Plan A or his “optional package?”

There is nothing worse than being a guy’s optional package. It can kill your self-esteem and confidence.

Here are 3 key differences between men who are seriously into you … and men who see you as an option for him to choose when he feels like it:

1. Loves Seeing You & Sticks to Plans

A guy who is seriously into you, loves seeing you and sticks to plans. He even comes up with cool stuff for you to do. The idea of being with you and spending time with you really matters to him.

Vs. Optional Guy, Who Can’t Be Depended On

He likes to see you … sometimes. Sometimes not. You’re not his priority. He’s not consistent.

You never can predict when you’ll see him or hear from him because he doesn’t give a crap about you, beyond superficial stuff.

He doesn’t go out of his way to make plans because only “boyfriends’ do that, and he wants to avoid commitment at all costs and keep you as an option.

2. Proud to Be Seen With You & Wants to Tell His Loved Ones About You

He introduces you to people and is proud to have you on his arm! His loved ones have heard about you and are eager to meet you, as well.

Vs. Optional Guy, Who Is Not Proud of You & Introduces You to No One

Never met anyone? No one knows about you? Yeah, he’s not proud to be seen with you. He doesn’t take you seriously or find you meaningful to him in any way. It’s most likely sex he wants. Someone who is proud of you and has deep feelings for you will introduce you to his VIPs.

3. Always Wants to Make You Feel Special– at Holidays, Birthdays, etc.

The great guy wants to make you feel special all the time, 365 days a year. If it’s a holiday or birthday, he’s ready to make you smile. He wants you to feel treasured.

Vs. Optional Guy, Who Makes Minimal Effort 

You know you’re an option when your dude makes minimal effort on your birthday, if anything at all. He never tries to do anything special with you. He mostly likes coming over to hook up, but he would never really go out of his way to make you feel loved.

Oh Ladies … There Are Some Great Guys Out There, So Don’t Get Discouraged!!

I know the “optional men” exist in droves, hurting women and not caring at all who they affect … but good loving men exist and they want to find someone.

Be positive! Someone amazing is waiting for you. Ignore and drive by the optional guys and keep your eyes peeled for a keeper. You deserve it.

Love & Hugs,


One thought on “3 Key Differences Between Men Who Take You Seriously & Men Who Treat You as an Option

  1. AD says:

    Good post…. really comes down to the best way to know how a person truly feels about you is to go off their consistent actions towards you over their consistent words.

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