Hot & Sexy Valentine’s Day Dates for New Partners & Love Interests

laura-ockel-zAOBpEE_vV4-unsplashPhoto by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

You just met or are newly dating … but Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away.

What do you do?

You have some exciting, sexy fun!

Of course, all of this depends on how risque you are or not– and how new you are to each other. Second date? Third? Fifth? Dating for a month?

Well, read on for some fun and also on occasion, steamy ideas to make your V-day cosmic. Or orgasmic– depending on your goals!

Innocent Fun

How about a little pottery making? Your hands touch, but it’s sweet and creative.

You can also try a wine and cheese pairing or maybe, head to a brewery.

Light and fun but also, all innocent and easy early dates for new potential couples.

Stepping it Up a Notch

Okay– so you’re ready to dip a toe in a more sexy type of celebration. Good for you!

How about a spa day or couples massage?

If that’s a bit too much, how about watching a sexy movietogether?

Or, you can cook a homemade meal for your love right at home. Feeling modest? Dress classy? Feeling sassy? Bare your *ssy in a robe and heels!

More Romance Than Raunchy

Okay .. I see your romantic nature and pose these ideas for you– I personally like all of the ideas I’ve listed thus far!

  • Candlelight dinner
  • Bed & breakfast one night stay (keep in mind it’s a new dating venture! Don’t want to push it)
  • Chocolate tasting! YUM
  • Head out dancing– although if you two are frisky and it’s salsa … watch out!
  • Museum or opera or the ballet (love!)
  • Roller skating

More Raunchy Than Romance

How about …

A burlesque show? If it’s date number six, maybe a private show of your own!

Take a tantra class together– but make sure that’s not date number two! That would be hard to live up to!

How about some bathtime together?

It’s Going to Be GREAT

No matter what– Valentine’s Day is going to be great! There isn’t one option on this list that can’t bomb, as long as the company is solid.

I personally can’t wait for Valentine’s Day. What better day than the day of love?

Stay Warm!




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