9 Compliments That Women Love to Hear


Photo by Kim Carpenter on Unsplash

There is nothing like a sweet genuine compliment from a man to make me feel completely loved and charmed. I don’t know about other ladies whether they need that from their male or female partner but, some good verbal affirmations does my heart and soul good.

So, for those of you ladies and gents looking to make a lady feel good, don’t hesitate to speak up and speak out. She wants to be appreciated and when you compliment her, you are showing her that you:

  • Notice how amazing she is
  • Appreciate her
  • Value her
  • Care enough to take the time to shower her with some TLC

Here are some of my most favorite compliments I’ve received. Feel free to share ones you’ve gotten in the comments.

You’re really strong

Acknowledging that I am a strong and resilient person makes me feel capable and appreciated. And admired! This compliment went a long way for me.

You’re so funny

I love to make people laugh. Laughter is always good. If someone else finds me funny, I know I make that person happy … and hearing that makes me feel that the person truly cares about me.

You do so much and make a lot of effort

I bust my butt. I am not a slacker. When a man tells me this, it makes me feel not only proud of all I do, but also acknowledged. That acknowledgment makes my heart happy.

You’re a great mom

Enough said. A man who sees this and says this is my favorite!

I love how sweet you are– I appreciate you

When someone sees my kindness and values it, I feel loved and cared for.

I miss having you around

This is such a good one. When a dude says this– it means he’s not the same without you. Hearing that made me feel needed and viable. Everyone wants to be missed by a special person.

You’re resourceful and smart

Smart is a great compliment, but resourceful is even better. It means someone saw how I used my intelligence to make good decisions. I like to be acknowledged for that.

You’re beautiful/sexy

What woman doesn’t want to feel attractive? When someone notices it and tells me, it makes me incredibly happy.

You’re a killer in the bedroom

Yes, women want to feel like a demon in the sheets, too!

Tell Her Something Good,




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