9 Gifts to Buy Your New Love Interest This Valentine’s Day

kobby-mendez-idTwDKt2j2o-unsplash (1)

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

You two just met or are recently dating, and so you’re wondering how to crush this Valentine’s Day in a special way so you stay in her good graces. Well, you do it right with a thoughtful gift– so she knows you care and aren’t some foolish guy or gal trying to play her.

Try these 9 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts that she really wants to hit the ball out of the park with her:

Super Delicious Desserts!

The way to your lady’s heart is through chocolate or something covered in caramel.

Make it sweet sweet! Share it with her– or, better yet, let her pick a few desserts to enjoy. Probably one of my favorite dates was when the guy allowed me to pick two desserts to try at once. YUM!

Old School Box of Chocolates

Make it quality chocolate, puhlease …

This oldie but goodie always pleases!

Spa Day … Aah …

She needs to relax. She really, really needs to!

Of course,  you’re a new guy on the scene, so don’t go crazy dropping money you can’t afford. A massage as opposed to a spa day is cool, even if it’s an at-home massage.

Quality Time With You.

She wants to see you. Show your face. Clean up a little. Shave your legs or your face (whether you’re a lady loving ladies or a dude loving ladies). Plan something. Show her she counts.

Flowers– If She’s Not Allergic

If she absolutely loves flowers, spring them on her. Lots of women absolutely love them.

It’s a tried and true gift.

Sentimental Photo

Just dating but the two of you snagged a super cute pic a few weeks back? Blow it up professionally and hand it to her … with some seriously delish chocolates too, of course.

A Book She’s Been Dying to Read

If she’s an intellect or a hardcore reader like myself, someone picking a book for me would thrill me.

Now, up the ante by setting her up with a bath and a bottle of wine to enjoy that book … and you’re in for good.


If she loves to be pampered and hates a chip in her nail polish, set her up with a mani pedi.

She’ll love it!

A Thoughtful Note

Go old school romantic with a sweet note. Cheap and super thoughtful.

Make A Good Impression,





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