9 Ways to Keep Her From Forgetting You & Moving On


Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

Keeping a woman’s interest is no joke. One or two false steps and you could end up in the “love” recycling bin, asap! This is especially true if you’ve got yourself a very magnetic, strong and charming woman. The reality is she can find someone to replace you, so if you take her for granted or don’t pay her mind, you’ll get walking papers in due time.

If you want to keep her interest and not have her walking away from you, be sure to do these 9 things:

Pay attention to her

Don’t be a clingy psycho obviously, but give her the attention she deserves. That means real focused attention. Not you fiddling with your phone or half-listening to her chatter away.

Make plans

If you’re not asking her out, someone else definitely is– I guarantee this.

A little effort goes a long way, even if the two of you have hectic schedules. If you can’t pencil her in I can assure you she will pencil you out.

Surprise her with a call

Everyone loves to text. It’s easier and convenient, but hearing a love interest’s voice is special. Talking is way better than texting any day, hands down.

Even if it’s a short call to say hello, ask about a sick loved one, check how work went or whatever, it counts!

Drop some appreciation with a compliment

You want her to remember your first name? (Yes, you can become nameless, trust me.)

Drop her a compliment. Show her you notice how nice she looks or how hard she is working.

Make it genuine.

Relieve a burden

She’s got a lot on her plate … how can you help her?

Don’t ask– just show up and help. Or, tell her you’re going to and then actually do it.

Bring on the romance

A little romance goes a long way. Ladies get bored of the same old, same old.

Break out the massage oil. Pack a picnic lunch. Get creative. Your efforts will determine whether you are in her heart or out of her mind.

Send her a little gift

It can be handmade. It can be a cup of coffee. It can be her favorite body lotion.

A little surprise, “I thought of you” gift of any cost goes a long way.

Remember something she told you and ask about it

She told you she loves The Smiths and you’re sending her YouTube clips and videos? Check one affirmative!

She told you her favorite flower is lilies and you bring her a few.

Yes, yes, and yes!

Reach out to check on her, especially if she is down

If your favorite babe is upset or stressed, you better reach out to her before she gives you the boot!

She needs and deserves your support. Don’t be lazy.

Do It Right,