6 Things to Remember That Will Give You Hope In Love & Life


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Sometimes all feels lost, but nothing is ever “all lost.”

There is always a star shining through the darkness. A bit of hope when you feel hopeless.

Hope always exists– if you find it. There is always joy to be found in each day– even when it feels as if life has you in a chokehold.

These X things remind me that there is always something to look forward to, around the bend:

Everything ends eventually

Even a wonderful marriage ends– in death. Even a great friendship ends– the same way.

Everything ends, eventually– good or bad. Remember that the bad times can’t endure forever. Everything shifts and changes. Hold on to your reins and keep riding because eventually, you will have outrode the storm.

Even if you’re single– someone exists for you

There is someone out there for you. Someone who will appreciate and care about you.

You may not know this person yet, but this person exists. All you need is an open heart and mind.

Loneliness is temporary.

If everyone was unkind to you today, someone cares about you still

If you dealt with difficult people all day, chances are there is still someone cares and loves you. Someone who wants your day to go well. Someone who would make everything better for you, if the person could.

Making note of the good things that happen each day can change your attitude

Even if life is hard, making note of all the good things that happen, even if they’re small, can help you get through the tough times.

Recognize your growth even when it’s small

You may be struggling to be who you want to be or have the life/job/relationship you want to have, but you are still growing.

Baby steps are still steps!

Have hope!

You may be struggling with something, but you are succeeding in something else

Okay– so maybe your dating experience isn’t great right now, but I am willing to bet you’re kicking butt elsewhere, whether at home, work, the gym or what have you.

Just because you have some struggles and failures does not mean you are a failure!

Believe It,


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