5 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Special After You’ve Been Unavailable or Distracted


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

We all want to feel important and cherished, whether we are an introvert, extrovert or something in-between. We all seek that attention and care from someone special, although the ways we may want that attention can vary. None of us want to be intimate with someone and then tossed aside. Unless of course, it was a one-night stand– but that’s for another blog. None of us want to feel ignored or not valued. We all want to feel special.

That being said, how good have you really been at showing the person you care about that he/she matters? Have you been sort of busy and unable to touch base? Have you been slacking or selfish or just not 100% there when with your partner? Have you had too much on your mind and been too distracted?

If you love someone and feel like maybe you need to give your special person some extra TLC for whatever reason, try these easy ideas to brighten their day.

Remember that every relationship  and marriage is truly a garden: it must be tended to, lest it grows weeds or dies.

A quick call hello

Remind the person you’re thinking of him/her. Touch base to acknowledge that you’ve been slacking and you’re sorry. Apologies– sincere apologies– matter!

Some flowers or candy

A little treat to say, “Hey, sorry I’ve stunk lately,” is a sweet idea. Just be sure to be a more present partner after that, otherwise your gift falls flat.

A getaway

Maybe the two of you need to get undistracted somewhere! Take a weekend or night get away to enjoy the two of you, making up for being an absent partner.

Surprise meal

Setting aside some time to surprise your partner with a special meal is a great way to talk and apologize for being caught up with things.

A special event

Buy some tickets to a show she’s been wanting to see. Spring on him two tickets to a game. Acknowledging that you haven’t been your best with some special quality, one-on-one time, is super nice.

We all get hectic or perhaps, aren’t our best selves. Don’t take your partner for granted though, before you lose that person for good!

Take a Time Out,



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