Your Actions (or No Actions) Show How You Really Feel About Someone


Photo by Kyle Hinkson on Unsplash

Every relationship is built on actions– lack of actions, plenty of actions, the wrong or right actions.

One of the biggest things that will always tell the truth even if you don’t want it to, are  your actions!

Your actions show if you are full of hot air or, true to your word.

Consider this example– you can tell someone to let you know if he/she needs help, or you can show up on the doorstep and help.

You can tell someone you care about them and they’re important, and never be available for them

Or you can be there when they’re sick, in trouble or just to spend time together.

Which “action” shows real “care?” The second one, obviously.

If you say a lot of things but never back those things up, no one will believe you.

If you want to show a friend, a job, a lover, a parent, or anyone that you care, take action:

  1. Be available and present in your interactions, rather than throwing some nice words together and never being “present.”
  2. Don’t expect people to believe you care through your words; expect them to look to your actions to decide how worthy they are (or aren’t) to you.
  3. The key is consistency. Being present sometimes but not all the time, means you are not reliable.
  4. If it’s a romantic relationship, intimacy is built on more than just nice gifts and words. Actions speak louder than words!
  5. This all applies so well to parenthood. Your children will believe and see what you do– more than what you say.
  6. Being there for someone means– actually being there in whatever method you can be. Not just telling someone, “Call me if you need me.”

You can be full of hot air or you can be full of actions…

Taking meaningful actions with friends, lovers, partners, siblings, children, coworkers and others show who you are and how you feel.

Remember That,



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