The Top 7 Things I Want in a Partner


taylor-ann-wright-s6DBKueaX-g-unsplashPhoto by Taylor Ann Wright on Unsplash

I’m not picky. I am selective when it comes to a partner. Picky sounds snobbish and difficult. Selective sounds patient and also, smart. Which I am.

I have become pretty comfortable in my high-energy, quirky and lovable skin. Effusive and sometimes incredibly rambling, I know my strengths and weaknesses.

At this stage of the game, I know what I want from a partner. I know what I don’t want.

Mostly, I want someone who doesn’t get in my way of growing. I want someone who wants to have fun and go balls-to-the wall about life. As my parents have grown older and I have become a single mom, I realized that life is too short and it changes too fast. Have fun now. Take chances now. Be in the moment.

So, no, I am not open to everyone, nor should I be.

The characteristics I find the most appealing in a man are:

Kindness & Humility

I don’t need a tough guy. I like someone who is diplomatic and thoughtful, not a brute.

Tell me your honest thoughts without being hurtful. You can be precise without being cutting.

Action-driven & Not Lazy

Have interests. Be passionate about something.

Make consistent efforts with me and take charge. If you want to be involved with me, prove you deserve that chance.

Willing to Laugh at Himself

I like someone who can acknowledge his shortcomings and laugh at himself.

Have fun. Live a little. Don’t be uptight.

Demonstrative & Warm

I like emotions. I like feelings. I need a dude who demonstrates how he feels about me. Who is warm and verbal and responsive. Someone who makes me feel special.

Full of Character & Easy to Be Around

Someone who has strong values is a man I can stand next to. Never behind, unless necessary.

Someone who puts me at ease and is a good listener is the dude who gets my vote.

Confident in His Skin

Someone who is confident will not try to change me– he will try to help me as I shape myself in the world.

Protects Me Because I Am Important– Not Weak

A good man will protect me because I am important to him. Not incompetent in his eyes.


I don’t think I am alone in these thoughts. If you are a strong woman like me, you can probably relate to these things.

And guys– I don’t expect perfection and most women and men seeking men, don’t either.

We all want someone who is perfect for us though. And settling to take whoever comes along is not acceptable.

I am curious to know what other ladies and dudes want from a partner … feel free to share!

Stand Tall,



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