3 Ways to Deal With Disappointment

veeterzy-afq5-t0ZGtQ-unsplashPhoto by veeterzy on Unsplash

It is really hard when someone or something disappoints us.

When we put our best effort or hopes into anything or anyone, be it a relationship, a new job or a new venture, if it doesn’t work out or things don’t go as planned, it can be difficult to pick up the pieces and start over. Or, forgive and forget and forge ahead. Or even further still, not let the pain get in the way of our own growth.

Everyone feels disappointed now and then. For some of us, disappointment may seem to literally come and come and come– without ceasing to end for a while– but it always does go away.

How we deal with these disappointments are key to how we grow from them.

Here are 3 healthy ways to cope with disappointment:

Take Time Alone to Think

Taking some time on your own to reflect and consider how this disappointment played out is helpful.


  • If your expectations were fair
  • If you put your best effort in
  • If there was a way you may have contributed to the situation
  • If there is anything you could do to feel better and heal

Allow Yourself to Grieve

Maybe your business venture went south. Maybe someone broke your heart. Maybe your promotion wasn’t as good as you had hoped it would be.

Whatever the case, allow yourself to mourn that loss of what you wanted but lost. Whether it was a vision or an important relationship, when things fail it is okay to struggle with these bad feelings.

Allow yourself to feel bad and struggle with these feelings for some time, just not forever.

Find a Happy Place

Find some place or some activity where you can separate yourself from these sad feelings.

Maybe it’s the gym. Maybe it’s yoga. Maybe it’s the library.

Wherever you choose, find a place where you can set aside the bad feelings. It is very hard to be disappointed by someone or something, and hold that in or,  deal with it all day and night. At some point even if it’s for just an hour, you need to separate yourself from those sad feelings or they’ll crush you.


Hang in There,


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