4 Gestures That Made For Great, Memorable Dates


Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Not every date is worth talking about– but some are worth talking about and sharing for years to come– even if you’re not with the person still.
When you have a good date and then go out of your way to show someone that you are intrigued by them and want to know more, it really makes a memorable difference to that person. The little things or the big things we do can go such a long way.

If you had a great time with someone or think there’s a special connection, why not make some extra effort to share how excited you are about meeting this person and developing the relationship potentially further? At the very least by doing so, you’ll get an idea of how this person feels about getting to know you further as well!

Here are some of the most special small gestures I’ve received on dates or after dates, through the years, that really touched me and made me smile.

A Thoughtful Note

When someone expresses what a great time he or she had in words the day after a date– it goes a long way.

For me, this experience really made me happy.  Plus, one of my biggest love languages is verbal affirmation, so getting that message the next day made me smile.

Share how you feel– don’t go crazy– the day after a great date. Let it be known that you had a great time.


Maybe for some people it’s a bit much– but flowers are a statement. Sending flowers after a great date is definitely an impactful move.

If that date was fantastic– say it with flowers!

For me, getting those flowers was such a treat. I instantly thought: This person thinks I am special and worth it.

And that feels fantastic!

Chocolate, Sweets & Wine

Sending or bringing chocolate, sweets or wine is super thoughtful and delicious

Of course this made the list! Someone who brought me chocolate on a date struck a chord big time for me. Especially since it was my favorite chocolates. It was so thoughtful.

Another man brought cupcakes from a bakery, chocolate and wine. I was floored– and stuffed. I had cupcakes for a few days after, remembering how the date went.

These types of gestures definitely say–  You are worth the time and my effort. Let me impress you.

It is impressive and romantic to bring along goodies. Try this! You won’t regret it … unless the person is allergic to chocolate or wine.

A Special Plan

It’s really smart and also, strategic, when someone makes a special second date plan after your date. It’s extra-special when the person picks something to do that you mentioned on the first date.

Someone brought up going to a concert, once. Another person suggested the ballet, knowing I dance and would love to go.

This type of gesture shows thought and also, desire to move forward and keep talking.

Truly, any time you put yourself out there after a date, you are making a statement whether you’re using words or not.

Happy Dating,




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