3 Things That Affect Whether Someone Trusts You or Not


You may be a trustworthy person, but if you’re doing the following three things … your love interest and or partner may not trust you as much. It may even be unintentional completely, but small things can build up over time to affect how someone trusts you. If you’re unpredictable, not available or distant, you could end up causing someone to feel as if he or she can’t put all his or her faith in you.


If you’re not reliable or can’t be counted on whether in general or suddenly, your partner may start to feel anxious around you. Instability doesn’t lead to trust and comfort. It leads to anxiety and distance.
Be consistent.


We all get busy and wrapped up in things, but if you’re not emotionally or physically available, be mindful that this can impact the trust factor between you and someone else.

When someone is unavailable, we start to feel as if we can’t count on them to be caring and loving. It impacts the relationship tremendously.


Emotional distance can really impact trust. If you’re emotionally distant, someone can wonder what or if you’re hiding something or just how much you care about him or her. Distance can erode at the trust that exists between two people. Physical distance can as well, but if much effort is made to keep the trust and bond growing, this will help deal with the negatives of physical distance.

Trust is key to any relationship — love, friendship and in business.

Be mindful of how you nurture the trust with your loved ones and special people in your life.

With Care,




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