COVID-19 Should Make Us All Realize What Is REALLY Important


Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

No matter where you are in this world today, most likely your life is impacted by this scary novel Coronavirus. For me and my girl, we are socially distancing and homeschooling/working. It’s challenging and isolating to say the least, but we are not alone. For us in particular, lacking adult and child/peer contact is difficult. But it’s for the greater good, society and our health. It’s not a “should we,” but a “we must” kind of moment.

During the day like many parents I am sure, I get snappy or annoyed. I feel like I can’t really focus on anything or, like I need to escape. Single parenthood doesn’t allow that escape. There are no other hands “on deck,” to change that for me.

But one positive thing from all of this is how clearly this virus points out what is really important in life and what isn’t. After this is all said and done, consider how many of us will “exit” this part of our lives and enter the next stage as a different person. Yes, some of us may leave financially devastated, anxious and depressed, but hopefully  all of us will realize now what really matters to us in life.

Love. The people in our lives. Our health. Happiness (mental health).

Our careers matter, sure. They matter! Our goals and achievements matter so very much.

But when you think about it, if you’re not healthy and loved, how much will your achievements matter?

The silly things you used to worry about … think about them.

Today, as you’re socially distancing … do those worries matter?

Being happy, healthy and loved matters more than anything.

If you are an absolute rock star at work or your PTO contributions are on point, does it matter if you’re coming home anxious, depressed or unwell each day?


Making all the ladies (or dudes– or however someone wants to classify themselves) swoon with your charms is nice, but when it all comes down to it, do those superficial connections matter? Does being “well-liked” matter when you are home, isolated and fearing for your loved ones’, society’s and possibly your own health? Or would it be better to be “well-loved” and truly appreciated for who you are at the very core of your being?

Having a home base– a “family”– however that looks to you and it does not mean the traditional nuclear unit, unless that is how family looks for you–  people who love and care for you.

That is what matters.

At the heart of all of our daily chaos– activities, work, vacations, appointments, assignments and what have you– love, health and our peace and sanity have always been the most important things. We just tend to fill up our lives with everything else (and hey, those things are good things, too!) to a point in which we sometimes sacrifice our relationships, our sanity and our health.

It’s not worth it.

Learn from this. All of this.

Our mental and physical health matter. Our relationships– family, romantic and otherwise, matter.

After the dust settles and life slowly moves on, don’t forget this.

Don’t forget what matters. Take care of yourself mentally and physically. Invest in your relationships. Stop being too “busy” to care for your body and mind. Stop being too “busy” to invest in your kids, partners, and loved ones.

Stay healthy and I wish everyone well,


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