7 Things You REALLY Need During the Covid-19 Outbreak

jon-tyson-UK61KZPnpyY-unsplashPhoto by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Like most of us, you are probably at home and social distancing. My kid and I are on week 3 and as time has gone on, we’ve gotten into a “new normal” as we work and learn from home.

I myself vacillate between feeling good and cared for, to scared, alone and overcome with fear. I’ve done my best to battle those bad feelings with exercise, fresh air, music, and FaceTime with loved ones.

For me, it has really taught me a lot about myself:

  • That I am doing a good job as a single mom
  • That even though I’m an extrovert, I can make due with this “new normal”
  • That I plow through, buckle down and figure out a way, no matter what, to get stuff done
  • That sometimes, my own nerves can make me sick if I’m not careful
  • That I have to manage my intake of the news and negative energies or they will absorb me; there’s no shame in turning “off” the news and not reading certain people’s posts if they are constant doom and gloom

I hope for many of you that you have learned a lot about yourselves during all of this– and that you are all healthy.

The biggest thing I’ve learned as people  battle over toilet paper and sanitizing wipes, are there are really only 7 things you need to get through this outbreak:

A Plan

Do you know how you would handle if you got sick? Your kids, dogs, etc?

This is important.

A Safe Person to Talk To

Our safety feels compromised with all the unknowns. Having a “safe” person who totally gets and understands you, is so important at this time!

Support Networks

Whether it’s family Zoom meetings or your fellow dance moms, we all need some support at this time.

Enough Food– Not Gourmet

Us kids of Generation X know how to work Cheez Whiz and biscuits… and other gross concotions.

You don’t need gourmet food. You just need enough food and supplies to get by.

A Quiet Space

If you’re stuck home with your family, find an available closet if you must, to get some quiet time to think, or take a walk. Having some space to meltdown or just relax is key.


Had enough news? Had enough homeschooling suggestions from your overzealous cousin?

Turn off the news. Don’t answer the emails. Watch a funny show. Read a book.

Guard your sanity at this time. You’re going to need whatever is left of it.


Love is above all, the most important thing. Caring for others and being cared for makes this whole awful ordeal better. Being kind to others and helping one another as much as we can will make this all easier to bear.

All My Good Wishes,


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