6 Easy Ways We Can Show We Love Someone During Social Distancing

jude-beck-J7joCq7lkaY-unsplashPhoto by Jude Beck on Unsplash

While we can’t grab someone in a bear hug or hang out with the person we love necessarily, we can still sustain our relationships and show love to the people we care about while six feet– or most likely, homes apart.

For me, I’ve had someone reach out every single day to ask how I’m doing and my daughter. The person always asks if I am doing okay and says something nice to me. This makes my day!

Another person asks if I need anything and went out of the way to help me accomplish something I needed to  keep me “sane” over this tough time. I will never forget that! It is one of the few things keeping me going during social isolation.

These things make a HUGE difference from a distance. These things show real love.

They make me feel loved. When we feel loved, we are happier and more positive.

Just because you aren’t face to face doesn’t mean you can’t make a loved one feel loved.

In fact, during this god-awful time in which the lot of us are frightened and unemployed and a chunk of us very sick, we need to be MORE Loving, MORE caring and MORE giving.

Now is not the time for BS, fighting, tensions or stress. Now is not the time to be cold, uncaring or harsh.  Now is not the time for petty excuses and nonsense.

We need more than love of course. Many of us need PPE, groceries and our health… but we need love too. A lot of it.

Here are 6 things we can do to make someone feel loved, despite the distance– no excuses:

Video Calls

Even Bumble has a feature where you can video call your match.

Almost everyone (but not everyone, I know this) can get on a phone, iPad or computer and video call the person. It’s not the same but it does make a difference and it does show love and care.

Regular Contact

Being consistent like the one person who asks me who we are doing every day. Means so much to me.

Communicate and be in contact– phone, video call, text or email. Whatever you can do.

Packages or Drop-Offs

Leave a present, preferably sanitized, at the door.

Order a gift or some books for your favorite squeeze. A little gift goes a long way during this time.

Meal at the Doorstep

Order delivery and have it sent to your favorite babe’s house. Or, make a meal and leave it on the doorstep … depending on how your partner or loved ones feel about eating food out of the home at this time.

Errand Run

Run an errand for your high-risk beau so he doesn’t have to. Make life a bit easier for him.


When you can’t show love through physical means or quality time, you can still show love through (acts– running errands; gifts; ) and verbal affirmation.

I got a few texts this week that praised me and my efforts as a mom and person that made me feel great. Those words add up.

Praise your loved ones. Show verbally, how much they mean to you.

When in doubt, just love. Be patient– even more patient than before. Be kind. Be understanding– we are all struggling at this time and most likely, are not our best.

Just Love,


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