People Who Love You Will NEVER DO These 4 Things

scott-broome-4KlDZK1xWqw-unsplashPhoto by Scott Broome on Unsplash

Love is a wonderful thing. When it is right and reciprocal, it is always a kind and energetic force, lifting us up– even during hard times with our partners and lives.

The ones who love us light up our lives and make the pathway brighter when times are dark. That’s what makes our loved ones and relationships so special. So, if someone truly loves and cares about you, he or she will always try to lift you up and NEVER do these four hurtful things.

Put You Down or Try to Squash Your Goals

Unless you’re looking to throw out your family’s savings to join the circus, your partner and loved one will lift you and your goals up. A loving partner doesn’t degrade you or your dreams. A loving partner helps you make those goals!

When we love someone, we want to cheer them on.

Make You Optional

A loving partner does not think of you as dispensable, disposable or optional.

Your loved ones will always make sure that you are valued and an important part of their lives and pathways. When we truly care about people, we want them to be a part of the fabric of their lives.

Refuse to Communicate/Shutting Down Communication/ No Communication

People who care stay in touch. Your partner won’t ignore you for days on end to punish you. Your partner won’t refuse to talk to you out of cruelty or shut down any real conversation.

Sure, your partner or loved one might need to get a breather or walk away to cool down, but that’s not the same as shutting down communication.

Your loved one will want to work out conflicts with you and want to communicate with you.

A loving partner checks in with you and sees how you are. A loving partner does the communication work to help sustain your relationship in a positive way.

A loving partner does not forget about you.

When we love someone, we work on maintaining good communication– verbally, physically, etc.

Make You Feel Scared, Less Than or Unsure

A loving partner wants you to feel safe and secure. Someone who loves you values your security and stability and wants you to feel grounded.

Your loved ones will never make you compete for their love or make you “guess” if you care about them.

Your loved ones will always let you know you are valued and never less than.

When we love someone, we want them to feel secure in our love and safe with us– more than anything else!

Be Loved & Be Well,






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