The Sexual & Romantic Relationship You Need During the Covid-19 Outbreak

henri-meilhac-QjPc0bQtSNw-unsplashPhoto by henri meilhac on Unsplash

While some parties are sheltering in place together and others are “dating” from a social distance, there is really only one kind of relationship– romantic and sexual– that we need at this time.

Fun Exciting Intimacy & Sex

This can happen whether face to face or from a distance (albeit you’ve got to be imaginative).

This isn’t the time to be dull, distant or worse, fighting over dumb stuff.

Let the small crap slide.

If you feel stressed and less “excited” at this time, that is understandable and I’ll get into that in my next point.

But, if you are ready and willing– be creative.

Experiment. Use your time wisely because you will never have this many hours to kill to do fun sexy things together. Take advantage of this time. Seize it!

Video has come a long way. Phone sex was like the thing back in the eighties and nineties, so you can bring that back.

Now is the time to let your boredom and stir craziness dictate the play. Ramp it up.

If you have kids, I get you’ll be tired and less apt to be open to this kind of thing perhaps, but you should seize the chance you’ve got to be around your partner, even if late at night or early morning.

Have fun. Personally– I think fights at this time are a total waste of energy and every couple should be spent either having sexual fun, romantic cuddling, giving each other space or support when needed and getting back to communication basics.

Super Supportive Ears & Intimate Arms

Now is the time to listen to each other and also, excuse each other for not being our best.

Many– most— people will not be at their best right now.

Listen, listen and listen.

Now is the time to hold each other and be lazy. It is the time to caress, massage, hug and play with hair. It is the time for baths and showers together. It is the time to simply be quiet, lazy, tired and naked together.

And if your partner is feeling really down and unable to be intimate, perhaps you can use those listening ears and support him or her until your partner is up for play and intimacy.

Here’s What We Don’t Need:

Refusal for openness

Be open to listening.

Be open to romantic and sexual ideas.

Be open to giving each other space or support, however it works.

Be open to talking like you never did before, and making love like you never did before either.

Bringing up old fights

Let bygones be bygones. Now is not the time to dredge up the pasts or complaints.

Now is not the time to spend picking away at your partner with new fights, either.

Taking distance

Unless you are lacking support from your partner, now is the time to turn to this person.

Now is the time to connect and be vulnerable.

Let yourself be loved. Live a little. Have some fun.




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