11 Things That Make Me Happy During the Covid-19 Outbreak

It probably sounds ironic to mention the word happy next to Covid-19, but if you’re home social distancing … you’ve got to find some semblance of happiness or you’ll go crazy. And that’s ok,too: losing your mind at times is pretty normal also.

With that said, you have to find the silver linings in all of this or you won’t ever be “ok.”

For me, it’s the following things:

Tyson Chicken

A friend brought me a bag of this crispy Tyson chicken, and I just love it. Even when I’m not hungry due to stress, I’m always in the mood for more CHICKEN.

Tea and a Good Book

I love chai tea and I love to read. These two creature comforts make me feel more relaxed.

Sweet Messages

My one friend always makes a point to send me positive messages, telling me I’m doing great taking care of my little lady or that he thought I looked great and am working hard during a virtual workout.

Great Workout and Post Shower

My daily routine? Always includes a workout or some movement. The post shower is also nice simply because as a single mom… it’s one of the only times I’m alone!

Someone Helping Me with Groceries

Having a lovely friend bring groceries to me so I don’t have to take my daughter out to the store ( she’s too little to be left alone) makes me extremely happy!

Sitting in the Sunshine

Sunny days make me. If I can call a friend and sit outside too, or have some tea and read a book outside? Awesome.

Phone Calls and FaceTime

The way to my heart these days? A sweet phone call from someone I love.  Zoom or FaceTime helps too!


Human touch goes a long long way these days— since we get so little of it.


Any stash I’ve been given has been deeply appreciated.

Bubble Bath

A bubble bath— complete with wine. Perfect.

Verbal Affirmation

When someone says he or she misses me.
When someone says something sweet about me or asks how I am each day— it does go a long way.

Make your list of 11 things that make you happy. I guarantee that it will make you smile, thinking of each small thing.  Even if you can only thing of 3 or 4 things … it’s worth it.






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