5 Signs Someone Sees You as Replaceable & Disposable

kelly-sikkema-E8H76nY1v6Q-unsplashPhoto by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Ever felt as if you put  out all your effort, affection and love for someone, only for them to be hot and cold– changing moods and personalities?

You wonder what causes the person to change so rapidly. You start to wonder if you’re doing something wrong.

Ever felt as if you aren’t good enough for your partner? WORSE, that the person tells you you’re not good enough or the relationship isn’t good enough? That  the person seems impossible to please or keep happy? Nothing you do is good enough?

You wonder how this person can complain or find fault or find flaws in you and your relationship, when there you are doing everything possible to be patient, understanding and loving with them and your very best?

Ever felt as if someone could do with you … or without you, depending on the mood?

You wonder how you could remotely predict what this person thinks or feels. You wonder WHAT could possibly be good enough for such a person! What could you do to be remotely good enough, when you’re already trying really hard to be “good enough.”

There you are, doing everything for the person– being your 100% loving and warm self, while that person treats you as disposable or replaceable?

Here are 5 clear signs the person you’re seeing finds you as replaceable, disposable and doesn’t care about you:

Lacks Commitment

Selfishly wants to be free and single. This person finds you disposable.

Inconsistent with Dates

Sometimes wants to see you. Sometimes doesn’t.

Never Expresses Emotion

Does this person ever say “I love you” or “I miss you” or “I need/want you?”

Let me guess: the person expresses 0 emotions and never acts like he or she is emotionally connected to you.

Doesn’t Want You Around Friends or Family

Yup– you’re disposable and replaceable.

Only Interested in Aspects of You

The person is only interested in “aspects of you,” but not interested in ALL OF YOU. The person only likes parts of you– but not all of you. The person doesn’t accept and care about you for you.

You’re Not Disposable!



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