Is Your Love a 100 or a 0? Loving Actions Add Up!


Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

This is a trying time for everyone, regardless of your class, ethnicity, marital status, etc.

So, under these trying times, is your partner or love interest taking time to be loving with positive actions? Are you taking time to be loving? Is your love interest available and considerate of your feelings?

Here are a few things that add up in a positive way. If your partner or love interest isn’t doing these things, he or she isn’t “adding” up to much.

Available & Listening

Is your partner around to talk or hear you out? Or is the person completely shut down and distant?

Is your partner “too busy” even during this pandemic to listen to you and hear you out?


A love interest or partner that is available and listening is depositing love in your love bank and also– a total 100!

Moral of the Story: People who care are available to listen and want to be there for you.

Around to Spend Time With You

Whether you do this via video due to social distancing, or you do a creative movie night, fondue night or joint art project together, a partner that is a “100” will want to spend time with you.

A love interest that is barely around to talk, never wants to video chat OR, hangs out on his or her own in your home, avoiding you at all costs, is a 0.

Moral of the Story: People who are available to spend time with you, however creatively they must do so during these trying times, care about you.

Helpful & Eases Your Burden

Someone who cares about you will do things to ease your burden, lift your spirits and cheer you up.

Whether it’s dropping groceries off on your porch, baking you something, giving you a massage or some other task, a partner that is a 100 is helpful and eases your burden– and doesn’t add to it.

Moral of the Story:  People who help, care. People who ease your burden, love you.

Praises, Comforts & Verbally Loves You

Someone who is a 100 gives you praise and verbal affirmation, especially now when most of us are scared and anxious.

Someone who gives physical affection (if able) is someone who generally loves and cares and wants to be close to you.

Someone who doesn’t praise, doesn’t comfort, is emotionally unavailable and lacks affection is a sad, sad low low number.

Moral of the Story: People who love you show you through comforting words, touch and praise.

Be Loved- Be Well- Be Safe,



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