3 Warning Signs That Your Guy/Gal Is Going to Hurt You 100%


Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

Some people should come with warning signs on them, but unfortunately, life isn’t that easy. Even if it were, people would still probably go out with “dangerous” individuals.

I’ve met a lot of people in my time and have sat back and watched a lot the last few years.  I’ve learned that while some people are really good at hiding stuff, there are a lot of warning signs that a man or woman is going to hurt you– and good– if you just pay attention and be smart. Keeping your guard up until you know someone is a smart move. It doesn’t mean you give no one a chance– but it means you give people a chance and reciprocate slowly in kind to their hopeful positive actions.

So basically, in the meantime, keep an open mind but also, open eyes as you get to know others. They may reveal themselves before they want to if you pay attention. It’ll save you time so you don’t waste yours. Your time is precious!

Unreliable Is the FIRST Sign of Trouble

If the person is hot and cold, unreliable on dates or not reliable in terms of communication, consider yourself warned.

People are often unreliable for the worst reasons: other women or other men, only wanting sex, addiction issues, don’t care about you/don’t prioritize you.

Sure, people can be really busy, making them less reliable but if someone cares, he or she will make the time.

Has a Million Excuses For Why He/She Won’t Commit

The time isn’t right. He’s not sure. She’s waiting for something to change at work.

He’s getting his divorce final (sure). She’s not ready. It’s not perfect– you’re not perfect.

Excuses are just signs that this person is going to crush your soul, take you for granted and say screw you, and walk away.

Runs From Standoffish to Passionate

Someone whose moods range from loving to cold and distant, is a heartbreaker and a problem.

Sure, we all have ups and downs but if the dude or lady is often cold and then often, warm– you’re asking for a whole world of trouble.

These 3 signs are huge indicators you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t care about your or probably, anyone.

Be Smart,



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