Is He/She Stringing You Along? Are You His/ Her Option?

thomas-q-PrfRxwXdhXE-unsplashPhoto by Thomas Q on Unsplash

Your relationship– or developing relationship– is a priority to you … but it doesn’t always feel like it is to her. You sometimes feel as if you’re an option or second best to this person’s other life outside of you … but maybe you’re just sensitive.

Been there, done that– and here are a few signs someone is stringing you along and thinking of you as an option:

Makes Plans Last Minute

Does he always ask you out last minute?

Does she suddenly have availability?

Stringing you along…

Will Run Hot/Cold

Sometimes, he’s super affectionate and other times, incredibly distant and cold.

Will Text But With No Intention

She texts you to chat, but never asks to hang out.

He texts you dirty stuff, but won’t ask you on a date.

They text– but with no intention of really incorporating you into their lives.

Touches Base & Disappears

You’ll text a bit and then suddenly– you don’t hear from him for  awhile.

Eventually, he pops up but inconsistently.

Never Introduces You to Anyone

You don’t know his friends or parents. You don’t know anyone in his life, other than him talking about them.

She is so tight-lipped about her friends, you’re afraid to ask.

When someone sees you as optional, he/she won’t introduce you to anyone.

Sex Plans Over Regular Life/Date Plans

She’s open to come over and hook up. He’s open  to see you occasionally and get laid.

Other than that, don’t ask either of them for anything deeper to happen. Or for you to meet their friends or family!

They Don’t Like Commitment

They would rather swallow nails alive than commit to you. They complain about how bad relationships are and they avoid doing anything nice for you.

The reality is sometimes you’re someone else’s option–unfortunately.

Hang Around for the Right One,



Hang Tough–