4 Ways COVID-19 Showed Me People’s True Colors– & I’ll Never Forget This


Photo by Zach Ahmajani on Unsplash

This virus has been the most difficult thing any of us have experienced in a lifetime– unless perhaps, if you were also alive during the 1918 Flu.

Challenging for everyone for different reasons, this virus has put all of our characters and collective sanity on the line.

But one thing is for sure, after this is all done, I will never ever forget the four different ways COVID-19 showed me people’s true colors. Not ever.

1. I learned who helps and who is just hot-air

The people who have helped myself and my daughter have been so valuable. There is nothing like having support when you are trying to raise a little girl on your own. There is nothing like having people who want to help and make things better for you.

The people who have done nothing or shirked from responsibilities or just not been reliable– well, I won’t forget these things.

2. I learned who is reliable, who cares & who is unreliable & doesn’t care

And FYI– not only did I learn this, but so did my daughter. She has been greatly disappointed by some people in her life and has had to deal with that, as well as the isolation of the virus, making it doubly hard.

This virus showed us all who cares about us.

For example, today, I got a call from someone who just let me vent and offered me great support and encouragement. This person is in contact with me daily, cheering me on and offering great advice and care. It means so much to me that I can count on this person. This person is not only there for me, but also my daughter and I will always, always remember that.

I’ve seen people pop up to support me in ways I never imagined. People I never imagined would be so supportive.

Other people flaked out or disappeared … neither much to my surprise. I guess it just confirmed for me the people who really care and those who are flakes and don’t care.  And in the case of my child,  neither of us are surprised, although it’s extremely sad.

I guess what I did gain from this was the feeling of peace:

  • I had to let go of the flaky people I couldn’t count on. I couldn’t care anymore what they did, didn’t do or what have you. I couldn’t let that upset me, on top of everything else I have to handle. If someone doesn’t give a crap about me– oh well.  How can I be depressed about that while I have so much on my plate as asingle mom? I just had to say this isn’t going to affect me. Besides– other people love and care about us. If people flake, fine– peace out. Their loss.
  • For my child, all I could do/can do is help her cope with the disappointment as we both grieve the hurt she’s been put through.
  • I know both my child and I have people who love us– and this virus has made that very clear, who does. This has made me appreciate those relationships so much more.

3. I learned who is willing to fight in the name of politics, and who is willing to be kind

Some people have to be right instead of just having their opinions and still, honoring others who have different opinions.

One thing I pride myself on is being kind– even when I don’t agree with someone. I try to support my friends with what they need, not with what I “think” they need.

Too many people are fighting with each other and being nasty with total strangers.

This whole virus shows just how awfully and dreadfully divided we are. If I can be one kind person among it all, I will be and I am.

4. I learned who prioritizes my daughter and me– who prioritizes peace over war– and who wants to share love and positivity in this world– not negativity

This whole virus shows a lot of things clearly– our health care systems– our politicians and their goals– our economy & class structure…

There are a lot of problems to be ironed out, but some of us are really trying to use this moment to be loving, caring and positive. To transform ourselves a bit more. To be kinder to ourselves. To admit that some days damnit, it’s so hard and we struggle.

Other people are too busy fighting and refusing to bridge connections with others.

And for my girl and I, we see– and I certainly see- who sees us as a viable part of their lives. Who cares on a deep level and genuinely wants us to be happy and a part of their circle and life after all of this is said and done.

So while this is all so very very difficult and isolating, there is much to learn from it.

I for one, will continue to be loving and kind.

And for those I cannot count on– I will not shed a tear. Instead, I will embrace the people who love us and have us in their tribes. This is the universe’s greatest gift to all of us: LOVE

Be Well & Safe,






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