When You Can’t Go Further in a Relationship Due to the Other Person

This is especially true when you are with someone who holds the relationship back. This is especially true when you are with someone who stops, resists, cancels or avoids your connection. Or worse, doesn’t want the connection.

The pain of someone rejecting the possibilities you and your love and time have to offer, is very real, very painful.

The feeling of anger and frustration over that person impeding and harming the relationship’s success is very palpable.

And typically, the person is stopping or rejecting the relationship because he or she doesn’t really care about you… or perhaps is emotionally unavailable or has a lot of issues … is interested in just sex … is terrified of going down that road of commitment again … or wanting to sow one’s oats rather than commit.

Truly, there is only so far one human being can take a relationship. If the other person is unavailable, avoids closeness, dumps you, refuses to try or just hurts you before anything can really get started, you can’t do a thing about it.

No matter how much love you have for someone, both parties have to be in it to win it.

And sometimes, you have to say enough is enough from folks like this.

You can’t be the only one trying to get the “love boat” off the road.

If you are spinning your wheels and wasting time getting someone to stop being a doof and start moving forward in your relationship— just stop.

Dump the person and move on. Chances are you’ll find someone better or maybe the dummy will start to take you seriously.

You need someone willing to pull his or her weight.



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