How to Pick Up The Pieces After Someone Disappoints or Abandons You


Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Hurt. Disappointment. Skepticism. Lack of trust. Lack of faith. Anger. Sadness. Anxiety.

When people we love, whether it’s a friend, coworker, partner, parent or whomever– abandon us out of nowhere, it is very painful. Even if it wasn’t out of nowhere– it still hurts.

Knowing that person didn’t care enough about you as a person is a hard pill to swallow.

When you rely on someone and trust them and that person hurts you, leaving you to deal with the heartache that person left behind– it’s not easy!

How do you deal with those feelings?

Realize It’s a Flaw of The Other Person– Not You

For someone to hurt you, it says everything about  them!

It says everything about how that person is– his or her character and composition. Not about anyone who was abandoned and left behind by a friend or loved one. It’s all about that person! Don’t take it personally!

Give Yourself an Outlet to Heal

I personally love yoga, meditation and working out as a way to fuel my own anger and hurt

Having an outlet to let out your emotions– a healthy outlet– is key.

Think boxing, writing, running, walking, playing an instrument … whatever brings you peace. You need a way to let out the anger. I myself struggle with this. It’s tough.

Understand it Will Take Time to Heal

While that person goes on with his or her life,  you will be left behind licking those wounds for a while.

It takes time to heal.

You need to go through these feelings first before you can fully heal. This is ok. It is very hard to sit through the bad feelings, but it won’t be forever.  All we can hope for is to heal and find someone– whether another friend, partner or role model– to love us and value us in the way that other person who hurt us didn’t!

Hang in There. This Too Shall Pass,


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