Why You’re Avoiding the ONE Thing You Really Need


Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

The one thing I really, really, really needed to do was meditation.

Not just here and there, but daily. I needed it to help me with anxiety and channel my focus. While I am a disciplined and focused person, I am an anxious person– and time and again, it would be suggested to me to try meditation.

I resisted. And resisted. The few times I had tried it before, it felt like torture. Two minutes felt like two thousand.

Besides, I already worked out, danced and tried to take some “me” time to unwind. Wasn’t that enough?

No. It wasn’t.

So I did something different for a change:

I stopped resisting.

I started doing the one thing I really needed– meditation daily, and also, yoga on a weekly basis. I added it to my workouts and the meditation has made all the difference.

Why did I resist something that was clearly good for me?

Example— when in the grips of an anxiety attack, I started using the same breathing I do during meditation. It helped.

We resist things that are often good for us because of fear. Because it requires change. Change is uncomfortable. Change takes effort. People are lazy. People are fearful. Change requires risk. People don’t like to take chances– but it’s the only way to reap rewards.

We resist because we are comfortable where we are and to change would require discomfort, something that people do their damndest to avoid.

But the reality is if we want to evolve and become better versions of ourselves, we must lean into change. We must give up the resistance and face facts: we need to change. We need to try something new. We must evolve and grow. Without change, there is no growth. Without growth, there is only death– death of the spirit, mind and soul.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go meditate since I missed my morning session. I won’t grow if I avoid what is uncomfortable, so I better get used to pushing through.

What are you avoiding or afraid of?

Be Brave,



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