6 Things He/She Must Do If That Person Supposedly Cares About You


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If someone cares about you, he or she puts the money where his or her mouth is.

There are just certain things they have to do, otherwise that person is not worth it, not reliable and a flake.

And these things by the way, are non-negotiable.

1. Asks You Out

Random hangouts or late night get togethers aren’t a sign that someone cares about you. It’s a sign that someone views you as convenient.

If someone cares about you, that person will ask you out and make a plan. No BS. No “Maybe we’ll do something.” That person just asks you out!

2. Tries to Understand You

Someone who just tries to change you or can’t be bothered to hear how you’re feeling, doesn’t care about you. Someone who claims to care about you has to try to understand you. Yes– that may take patience.

3. Wants to Support You

When you’ve had a bad day or need a hug, the person that really cares, is there. That person supports you.

4. Misses You & Can’t Wait to See You

Sure, we all have bad days. We can’t be wagging our tails like dogs each day, but a person who cares about you genuinely misses you when you’re gone or out of sight, and can’t wait to see you again! A person that only cares about you when you’re conveniently around him or her, is NOT someone who cares about you at all!

Someone who cares makes time for you!

5. Lets You In

The person that cares lets you in so you can get to know him or her. It’s okay if the person struggles to reveal him/herself sometimes, but a person that cares will let you in. Someone who is unavailable, never lets you in or won’t include you in his/her life, then that person does NOT care!

6. Includes You in His or Her Life

Someone who cares about you introduces you to his/her family. This person includes you in his or her friend group. That person who cares wraps you up in his/her arms, and brings you into the fold.

Someone who keeps you a secret or on the sidelines, does NOT care about you.






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