Why Someone Stopped Caring About You


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Ever wonder why someone stopped caring about you? Did you ever stop to think that maybe you took that person for granted and he or she got tired of feeling unappreciated, taken for granted and unloved?

Maybe that person got tired of you hurting them, essentially?

Here are some reasons that someone who was good, kind and loving finally got tired of you letting him or her down, and stopped caring about you:

You Never Showed Your Feelings

Did you act like you cared? Did you go out of your way to make this person feel loved? Or did you just assume the person would sit around and wait for you to give love back forever?

You Didn’t Make Plans & Were Absent Too Much

Were you around and available? Did you make him or her feel like a priority?
Or were you never around? Did you never make plans? Did you act like being with him or her wasn’t that important?

You Didn’t Invest in The Relationship

Did you put your all into it? Or did you barely try?

Did you put a quarter of energy into it while the other person put in a 150%?

Well, don’t be surprised when he or she doesn’t care about you anymore.

You Didn’t Compromise

You weren’t willing to give. You weren’t willing to make this relationship important.

If you answered yes to those two statements, that’s why someone got tired and gave up.


No one is Whitney Houston or Dolly Parton: Translation, They Won’t Love You Forever While You Do Nothing

If someone gave up on you, chances are you never gave it your all to begin with and now, you missed out on someone great.

Think Twice,



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