To Medicate or Not to Medicate? A Very Good Question


Photo by Halacious on Unsplash

Recently came upon a situation where I have to decide if it is best to take medicine for a concern I have OR, try to skip it and utilize other methods– more natural, alternative ones.

I am always– or usually always– of the belief that a natural method works better for me, seeing that I am a petite person who doesn’t respond well to medications that most adults do. Of course, if it’s serious I don’t skip on science in any way and I am of the belief that medications can do miracles too, but overall, I have found that for me it often comes with so many side effects that it’s not worth it.

In a time when our health is so pivotal and also so precarious with this virus, what we take, what we eat and how we care for ourselves is so crucial that it comes with a deeper meaning.

Our health is everything and always has been, but it is more than ever during this pandemic. Every choice we make seems to impact our health, physical or mental or both.

Stay Strong,


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