How She’s Using You


Selfish and thoughtless, the woman who uses is just as bad as the bad boy who does it,too. Whether she’s seeing a woman or man, this ruthless creature cares about just herself.

She Uses You to Get The Job Done

She wants favors done, but can’t be bothered to spend real time with you or go on dates. You’ve never met her friends or family. You’re just around her when she needs something.


She Uses You to Boost Her Ego

Like the selfish man, she needs an ego boost so she hangs out with you when bored or needs to feel wanted. She doesn’t get close to you and is totally inconsistent. She is just bored and needs to feel pretty!

She Uses You For Insider Advice, Your Friends or Money

Does she commit to you, or is she committed to getting something from you, like money or advice? Is she interested in anything about you really? Or more interested in an end goal?

Selfish and heartless, the men and women who are users just really are careless creatures with no heart.

Don’t Fall For Her Garbage,



One thought on “How She’s Using You

  1. AD says:

    Good post…. One person shouldn’t be doing most or all the taking and the other person shouldn’t be doing most or all the giving in any type of relationship

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