When Someone Wastes Your Time

jon-tyson-FlHdnPO6dlw-unsplash 2


There is nothing more frustrating when someone wastes your time while you put all your effort and energy into them. My last relationship the person was not as invested as I was. I put in 150% of my heart and time and the other person put in about 30%. I felt as if I did all the heavy lifting while this person had a walk-on role in our relationship. I guess the relationship didn’t matter to this person at all because as we all know, effort = how much someone cares.

The frustration I felt doing everything while the other person sat back and did the minimum, bothers me to no end.

How hurtful can someone be to watch someone else bust his or her butt to get the relationship going while he or she does barely anything?

After going through that, I realize I will never be dumb again.  I gave too much of myself to someone who didn’t appreciate me and took me for granted.

Don’t Do All the Work!!




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