Someone Who Values You Vs. Someone Who Can’t Take You Out to Dinner


One of the most important life lessons is to know how valuable you are. Because if you know you are valuable, you will never settle for anyone that makes you feel less then.
It’s taken me a lot longer than most people to realize I am a valuable and worthy person. I’m going to admit right off the bat that it’s very difficult for me sometimes to have any confidence and faith that I am really and truly deserving.

Because I have struggled, I have also learned the difference between somebody who values me and someone who doesn’t. So I’m hoping that sharing this will help others to not make the same mistakes I did. And if you have settled in the past or accepted  less than what you’re worth, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone and just know that every day is a new opportunity to try again and ask more of others and not settle.


Can’t Wait to See You Vs. Can’t Take You to Dinner

Oh yes. I’ve been there when the guy can’t even make an effort to take you out. When they have every excuse in the book. That’s not someone who values you. Someone who really values you can’t wait to see you. They’re  so excited and they look forward to getting to know you better.

They make plans with you because they know your time is valuable. A guy who doesn’t value you will only see you on the last minute because he can’t be bothered to make plans because you’re a matter of convenience to him. It’s the same for females. These “rules“ apply no matter your orientation or gender.
Someone who values you wants to take the time to know you. Someone who wants something from you will see you at their convenience, will make little to no effort or, will half ass everything.

Can’t Believe How Lucky They Are to Know You Vs  Takes You For Granted Always

Someone who really values you is grateful for meeting you. They really appreciate you and value your time. They don’t mess around with your feelings and they don’t act selfishly. Someone who takes you for granted does not appreciate you. Someone who would rather see other people, many people or be alone, does not value you.

Can Make The Effort Vs. Takes The Easy Way Out

A man or woman who makes effort in getting to know you and becoming a part of your life with someone who values you. Even someone who just meet you and decides to date you and takes the time to make plans as somebody who values getting to know you.

Someone who just wants to hook up, someone who only hook up and not go out with you, someone who will do favors for you but not really be there for you, is not someone who values you.

Consider the woman who will go out with you here or there but doesn’t really make a lot of time for you and is very hot and cold with her texts.  Consider the guy who wants to come over your house and hang out and watch a movie and get laid OR, wants to quickly fool around and then can’t be relied on to celebrate your birthday and take you out to dinner.

These are people who don’t value you.

For The People in The Back

Someone who values you:

  • Can be counted on
  • Will be reliable
  • Makes dates
  • Doesn’t say he/ she wants to take another path
  • Doesn’t disappear or come in and out
  • Doesn’t disappear on holidays and birthdays and when you need them
  • Will make time for you
  • Will express feelings for you
  • Will not make you an option
  • Will not take the easy way out— friends with benefits anyone? Hook ups? Using you for money etc.
  • Will prioritize you

Sad But True,


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