Does The Person Really Like You For You?


Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

You’re seeing someone and starting to have feelings. Or, the feelings have already begun, but you don’t quite feel so comfortable or sure about how the other person feels.

Does she like you? Or just enjoy you? Does he care about you? Or is he just horny?

Is he really invested? Or are you just available and easy to hang out with? Is she developing feelings for you? Or is she just finding a Netflix date?

If The Person Does Things With You Outside of  a Bedroom Actively, It’s a Good Sign

Someone who is interested in you makes plans to do things with you. Hobbies. Bike rides. Walks. Workouts. Lunches. Game nights.  You name it.

Someone who only spends time with you on a couch or a bed? Yikes, this person doesn’t really like you for “you.”

If The Person Knows– Or Is Getting to Know Things About You, It’s a Good Sign

Someone who is invested or has feelings for you wants to learn about your favorite foods, favorite books. The person wants to know more about your friends and family. The person is interested in your day.

The person who:

  • has limited time to offer you
  • doesn’t ask questions about you
  • doesn’t ask how your day is consistently
  • only asks how you are on the occasion he sees you
  • only talks to you sometimes

Doesn’t really like you for you!


If The Person Makes Plans, Remembers & Celebrates You, It’s a Good Sign

Someone who puts in time, cares. Someone who celebrates your victories and birthdays … special occasions, cares about you.

Someone who doesn’t make plans with you and never is around to see you blow out your candles or cheer on your “wins,” doesn’t care!


If The Person Shares His/Her Feelings About You & Not Just Your Body or Face, It’s a Good Sign

Does the person tell you how he or she feels? Does the person compliment you? Or is it all, “You’re hot,” and “Nice butt” or no show of emotions at all?

If it’s the second option, the person doesn’t like you for you. The person likes you because the person is attracted and that’s all.

It’s Easy to Tell Someone He/She’s Beautiful. Not Easy To Show Up & Be There.



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