Thanks to the Younger Man Who Taught Me a Lesson Tonight

A really sweet guy I train with and I are becoming friendly. He’s younger, so we’re not on the same playing field. While he’s not terribly young, he’s building a career and traveling, a very different place from someone like myself, an established career lady and mom. I do appreciate every time we get to talk. He is a good person and uplifting. In times like these, we need that.

When he heard it’s my birthday on Friday, he asked what I was doing. I told him I had no real plans until the following week with a few friends. I told him how upset I was about that and how someone disappointed me really selfishly and very cruelly— and on my birthday no less. I shared how hard the virus pandemic has been on me socially and I told him these things, not sure what insight he would have to offer me being that he’s younger. Plus, he might find the topic boring or worse, think I’m just an old fuddy duddy with no cool birthday plans.

Well, it turned out he had great advice actually and not only that, but he reminded me of all the reasons why it is ok for me to be upset and struggle during this time. And had empathy for me that someone would let me down on my birthday. And also, kept saying how I should always expect the best from others and insist they give me the best. And that I don’t need to put up with. It didn’t matter that I had more life experience. He has much to share. This is why I’m friends with folks of all ages. I am open to learning and love others.

Overall, he was kind, attentive and a great friend in this moment, proving to me I judged his character well. He’s a good dude. He pointed out things I hadn’t thought of before, making me feel confident that I was right in my beliefs about many things.

Moral of the story? A younger man or woman may not be the right dating material but that person could be an amazing friend or at the least, an astute listener who cares. And hey— dating younger isn’t bad. It works for many. Keep an open mind. Make friends. Listen to others. Share. You’ll be amazed at what happens. He lifted my bad mood up. I had walked into training feeling skeptical and blah and left feeling more renewed. Happier. Of course, that’s also the beauty of fitness. Exercise helps get those endorphins up and we need that, especially during this pandemic. My training keeps me going on days I don’t want to keep trying.

I’m grateful for this person’s friendship.

Kindness Counts,


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