5 Things to Consider About Your Child’s Teacher This Year

It’s time for back to school, and as we hope for a social, happy, and academically successful year for our children, let’s take a minute to think about our children’s teachers.

Not every teacher that our children have throughout the years will be our favorite. Some we will love, some we may hate, and others we may feel indifferent toward. Of course, if your child does have a poor teacher, you should speak your mind about this professional to the principal and potentially the superintendent. Not all teachers are created equal.

However, before you’ve made your judgments — whether good or bad — about the teacher this year, consider these five things about the new teacher.

They Work After the Bell Rings

People like to think that teachers have it easy. After all, they get Summers off and end their workdays by 3 p.m. at the latest. It’s a sweet deal, no? I mean, I work all year-round and get out at 5 p.m. It’s got to be nice having a shorter workday.

Except for it isn’t a shorter workday.

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12 Signs You’ve Picked a Great Preschool

Choosing a preschool for your little one can be worrisome for a mom, but if you think you have found a winning school yet you’re still on the fence, here are 12 signs you’ve picked a great preschool for your little one!

Your Kid Had a Blast at the Visit

Did your child really enjoy visiting the preschool? If so, you’ve picked a good spot. Children are honest, and if they’re not happy, they won’t tell you otherwise. If the teachers could get your child to interact and explore in the preschool at a visit, it’s a good sign that your child will be able to happily adjust to this school.

Did you not take a tour? Oh no! Moms, tours are a must. Schools should allow kids to see the room and get a feel for the atmosphere.

Friendly Staff

If the staff is willing to answer your questions without sounding rude or abrupt, and if they sound welcoming as well as put you at ease, your child (and you) are in good hands. You want to feel as if the staff is approachable and willing to work with parents, especially if this is the first kid you’re sending to preschool!

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Why It’s Time to Stop Pushing Our Kids to Be “Gifted”

“Is that computer game educational?”

“I need to get my kid started on all his letter sounds now!”

“I really think my kid is special. He’s so smart!”

You’ve probably said these things in some form or another in regard to your child. What mom doesn’t want her kid to be bright and ahead of the game, especially in our digital world? However, we’ve become a bit too obsessed with pushing our kids as well as “discovering” if our kids are gifted or not.

It’s not enough to be smart. It’s not enough to just do the average load of work. Parents today want their kids to be nothing less than brilliant, and marketers, day cares, and the toy industry have capitalized on this. How many tutoring or day care centers throw around the words “genius,” “Ivy League,” and “brainiacs,” etc.? How many toys drop those terms? It’s so imperative to us that our kids be brilliant that we have forgotten the many other wonderful things kids and people bring to the table, besides being brilliant, and especially when they’re not “gifted.”

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Will the World End If You Hold Your Kid Back in Kindergarten? No!

It seems so crucial, going to kindergarten, that many parents often push their little ones into the classroom, ignoring the fact that their child may not be ready. I mean, waiting one more year to put Johnny into kindergarten can feel like the single most crucial choice a parent might make. It may seem like a worrisome choice, but as a former teacher and as a child whose mom waited to send her to kindergarten, I can assure you that waiting to send your little one into kindergarten will not damage your “baby” for life.

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Enough With the ‘Is My Child a Genius/Gifted?’ Nonsense

I find it highly problematic that weekly in my online reading and Internet surfing as a parent, I get bombarded with articles titled, “How To Tell If Your Child Is A Genius,” and “Is Your Child Gifted?” We have become obsessed as a nation and as a generation of parents with revealing our utterly amazing children and endowing them with superior intelligence, as well as pressuring them to go above and beyond in the ways in which we as parents define as success.

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When to Talk to Your Kids About Slavery, War, & Other Horrific Acts of Humanity

Today at storytime, the reader pulled out an interesting book.

To back up, this storytime consisted of kids aged 1 years to 7 years old. There is no age restriction, but the majority of the children were between 2-4. It was quite a young audience, so I was surprised to see what the reader chose.

Henry’s Freedom Box, by Ellen Levine is an excellent book that talks about slavery. If you look at Scholastic.com’s recommended reading age, you will see it says grades 3-5.

So imagine my (and the other parents’ surprised faces) as the reader began to read a story about a family being sold off as slaves.

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Why I Tell My Daughter Girls Are Smarter Than Boys

The other day I took my daughter with me to the dry cleaners. As we were talking, ( I was getting pants tailored) I told her, “Girls are smarter than boys. Remember that.”

A woman in the dry cleaners looked appalled. She said to me, “Well we women need strong men. It’s important to have strong men.”

I looked at my daughter again, right in those impressionable toddler eyes and said, “Girls are smarter than boys honey.”

The woman repeated her diatribe, and I placated her with, “Of course, of course”, and then the conversation ended.

Look, I’m not anti-boy. I know there are plenty of smart men in the world, but that’s not what this is all about.

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