8 Ways to Shut Down Questions About When Baby No. 2 Is Coming

Don’t you love how people are utterly offended and horrified by the fact that your kid is an only child? I mean, what could possibly be worse than not having a sibling?

Because having siblings is always easy. Your brother is never publicly intoxicated and your sister is completely normal, sane and never yanked your hair like she was pulling weeds, right? Siblings always get along, too! I mean everyone knows that!

Yeah, what sort of demon leaves his or her child to be a lone soul in the world without a sibling around to kick that kid’s ass?

Apparently, having an only child makes other parents consider us parents of only kids, slackers. It’s like we’re all competing in this major parenting Olympics and if you only have one kid, you’re cheating at life and therefore, getting by way too damn easy.

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10 BIG Signs You’re The Golden Child Of Your Family

There’s the black sheep of the family — the rebel who goes against everyone else’s wishes or family ideology and culture — and then there’s the Golden Child.

The Golden Child can do no wrong and it’s known, whether explicitly or implicitly, that the Golden Child is the most loved of the family, period. This is the case even if the Golden Child is a complete and utter sh*t show. Here are ten signs you’re the Golden Child in your family.

  1. You are your parents’ priority at all times.

It doesn’t matter if your child has a talent show, Grandma just has to be at the Golden Child’s daughter or son’s soccer game, time and time again. Parents make the Golden Child the priority at all times. It doesn’t matter if you’re bleeding on the side of the road or in labor: the Golden Child needs them.

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The Suicide Trend

Over the holidays this years I watched as my news feed filled with “not-so great” news stories and updates of suicide upon suicide…upon suicide. Then someone I hadn’t seen in a while but who I think is a great person, attempted suicide unsuccessfully.

It floored me.

An astute friend of mine commented,”What’s with all the suicides?” and we noted that perhaps it was the holidays and our age. We are at the end of our thirties. Midlife crises are coming our way from now until age fifty.

Notably, a lot of these suicides were men.

This follows what research has shown time and time again: Current studies say men commit suicide 4 times more often than women, even though we tend to classify ourselves as depressed more often than our XY counterparts.

Then, as a woman who is almost divorced, (I heard news we have 1 more paper to hand in and then we get our uncontested divorce date and it’s bam, done!)  I wondered how often divorce plays a factor in suicide, and everything I have read has said that divorce increases suicide rates for parents (especially men, and children).

As we reach the end of our thirties, many of my friends, associates and acquaintances, are hitting many different milestones of life that can cause happiness or depression:

  • Births of children & family growth (or lack thereof)
  • Stable marriages or divorces
  • Buying & renovating homes (or losing them)
  • Career growths and raises (or starting new careers or losing a job

So what was it that was causing this string of suicides exactly, and is there any real answer?

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7 Subtle (And Not-So-Subtle) Signs Your Dad HATES Your Husband

If your dad’s guilty of any of these behaviors, it’s evident that he’s not a huge fan of your hubby.

He’s the man of your dreams yet someone doesn’t agree that he’s all that dreamy: your dad! It’s not fun when your dad doesn’t approve of your main squeeze and sometimes it’s more difficult because daddy dearest won’t admit outright that he doesn’t like him.

And somehow, you and your partner know the guy hates your husband‘s guts. If you aren’t sure if your dad is on “Team Husband,” read this list to decide for sure if poppa hates your man.

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Why Your “Broken Home” Isn’t Broken — It’s Just Different

I came from a “married family” so when I knew it was time for my ex-husband and I to divorce, I was devastated. I grew up in a time in which there was a lot of “hush-hush” and shocking quality to divorce because very few parents were splitting. So when it came time for me to be a single divorced parent, I felt a lot of shame—I’m not going to lie. I felt like a failure even though it had taken two of us to tango, and I had begged for marriage counseling and we went on three different occasions. The “broken home” family image really shook me: was my daughter now to be pitied by others or frowned on as just another “kid from a divorced family?”

No and no!

It took me some time but now I can say with full honesty that I love the time I have as just the two of us. We aren’t a broken family—we are a different family. She has time with her dad and time with me and the time she has with just she and I is fabulous. And while from time to time I wish I had a nice partner to spend time with and someone to enjoy romance with, I never feel as if we AREN’T a family! That’s ludicrous. Here’s why your family isn’t broken, it’s just different, after divorce or after perhaps being stranded by your child’s father—whichever your personal case:

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What it’s Like to Own the Jewish Name Without the Education

Lifshitz is a decidedly, very Jewish last name.

Growing up in a mostly Catholic town, people assumed my “Jewishness” without really questioning me about my background unless it was to ask some token Jewish question.

“What’s the story of Passover?”


“What do those Dreidel symbols mean actually?”

Most of the times, I mumbled a general answer partially because as kids, they weren’t too invested in my answer and partially because sometimes, I didn’t know the answer to their Jewquiries.

And it was awkward.

How could I own this Jewish name and identity, yet not understand enough of what this association means? As a child and teenager, I brushed these things aside but as an adult it bothered me.

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Is it Time to Leave Your Job?

For some moms, going to work is an easy choice because they love their jobs, but for other moms working is simply a choice dictated by financial need. Sometimes though, a job may end up not being worth that paycheck. Here are a few situations in which you may want to give your two weeks’ notice whether permanently or temporarily.

Work Stress

Do you come home with constant agita, migraines, nausea, or other health issues? Are you having trouble sleeping? Is work stress and problems spilling into your home life? Is it impossible to just leave work at work? If you answered yes, it sounds like your job has become a pressure cooker. Add bonus points if you’ve lost or gained a considerable amount of weight.

Is this stress affecting not just you but also your family members? If you find yourself snapping at your kids, distracted while playing with them, forgetting family events, or struggling to keep up at home and work, your work stress may be affecting more than you alone.

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4 Ways Grandparents Unintentionally Sabotage Parents

Grandparents are a true blessing but sometimes, whether they mean to or not, they can cause a little trouble for us mommies (and dads too). That’s the gift of being a grandparent: you can make mistakes and no one holds you accountable for the most part, plus you get to hand the kids back. Here are a few ways that our most loved and sometimes most contentious grandparents can sabotage the hard work of parents everywhere, and how to handle the grandparent debacle!

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Doughnuts Before Dinner? No Thanks!


How to Get Reluctant Family Members to Help With Your Kids

We all have at least one: a reluctant family member who doesn’t want to help you with child care or interact with your kids. On occasion, we are happy that someone is reluctant as we may not feel comfortable leaving our kid in this person’s care, but from time to time, a mom could really use some helping hands, and when family is reluctant to step in, it’s frustrating. How do you encourage that family member to step in and help out without getting into a fight? It’s a delicate matter and depends on why the person is backing away from his or her family responsibilities as it were.

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9 Reasons Sister Fights Are The WORST Fights Of All

Hell hath no fury like a sister scorned.
Growing up with three sisters, I can guarantee there is no fight worse than one with a sister — not with your husband, wife, ex-wife, ex-husband, mother, child, father, neighbor, co-worker, boss, or friend.

Sure, a fight with your child might hurt, but he or she will come around. You’re one of their parents for god sakes. A fight with your boss? Ouch. Risky, but it’s business, not personal.

The fact is, there is no fight more emotional than one with your sister, and here’s 9 reasons why.

1. Just like an elephant, she never forgets.

Right off the bat, women fight a bit dirtier. Yes, men can be harsh, mean, and downright cruel, but a woman? Well, we’ll stab you right in the jugular and smile.

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Don’t You Give Your Sister That Smirk,