How to Get Reluctant Family Members to Help With Your Kids

We all have at least one: a reluctant family member who doesn’t want to help you with child care or interact with your kids. On occasion, we are happy that someone is reluctant as we may not feel comfortable leaving our kid in this person’s care, but from time to time, a mom could really use some helping hands, and when family is reluctant to step in, it’s frustrating. How do you encourage that family member to step in and help out without getting into a fight? It’s a delicate matter and depends on why the person is backing away from his or her family responsibilities as it were.

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9 Reasons Sister Fights Are The WORST Fights Of All

Hell hath no fury like a sister scorned.
Growing up with three sisters, I can guarantee there is no fight worse than one with a sister — not with your husband, wife, ex-wife, ex-husband, mother, child, father, neighbor, co-worker, boss, or friend.

Sure, a fight with your child might hurt, but he or she will come around. You’re one of their parents for god sakes. A fight with your boss? Ouch. Risky, but it’s business, not personal.

The fact is, there is no fight more emotional than one with your sister, and here’s 9 reasons why.

1. Just like an elephant, she never forgets.

Right off the bat, women fight a bit dirtier. Yes, men can be harsh, mean, and downright cruel, but a woman? Well, we’ll stab you right in the jugular and smile.

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Don’t You Give Your Sister That Smirk,


13 Things That Inevitably Happen When You’re Raised By A Strong Mom

In my eyes as a child, no one — not even my dad — was more powerful than my mom, who I nicknamed “The Strong Woman.” She couldn’t lift elephants with one hand like the “Strongman” at the circus who lifts weights with his nipples and animals with one hand, but her personality and presence were striking enough that when she needed to intimidate or make an impression, she sure did.

Just ask the kids I grew up next to who made the mistake of teasing me, only to find my mom outside their front doors yelling in her heavy Brooklyn accent. When you’re raised by a strong woman, there is no doubt that these 13 things will happen to you:

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How To Make Your Mornings Smoother as a Working Mom (OR Dad!)

Weekday mornings or any day at mom heads out to go to work have a special place in h*ll for us working moms. Sure, we have our smooth days when our kids leave with us without complaint and on time and heck, we even exit with a good hair day and a smile on our face … but then there are those other days. You know what I mean—the days when you turn into Mommy Dearest and your children are the biggest utter pains in the you-know-what’sand for one brief moment you seriously consider shipping those ungrateful children of yours to China or India to work in a sweatshop, but hey, then you have to pay for their airfare. Thankfully, you love them so much that you let these bad moments slide and let’s be honest mom: you melt down too on some mornings aren’t exactly the coolest cucumber on the block. I know for me the weekday mornings are the most trying time of day for me, so I’ve gathered a few tips on how to make the mornings mellower and not so manic!

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Workin’ For A Livin’,


A Thank You to the Ex-Mother-in-Law Who Didn’t Like Me

My ex-mother-in-law and I had a terrible relationship. It was the cause of many fights between my ex-husband and I and created great stress. I’m not here to write about those old stressors or air any dirty laundry. It was difficult to go through and hurt me that my MIL did not like me, but I made my mistakes too, and that time is over.

When my ex and I separated, and he went back to his parents to stay for a while, I worried that my relationship with her would be worse than it was before. I fretted about how much his parents must hate me since we were splitting up. I figured there would be comments left and right about me, the terrible mother and person. “My daughter would end up not liking me,” I thought, letting the worst thoughts run through my head. How could this go well?

Guess what… It did.

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We May Not Be BFF’s But There’s Peace & GoodWill,


What to Do With Family Members Who Are Distant From Your Kids

When people become parents for the first time, they expect that family members both immediate and extended will be thrilled to be a part of their new little one’s life. How often do you hear about a doting grandmother or grandfather? Pretty often. A new baby brings a lot of joy for the family. Yet many moms and dads are the sad “owners” of family members who are totally absent from or who aren’t too excited to be a part of their children’s lives. It can be profoundly disappointing.

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Finding Gratitude During Hard Times: A Star In the Grey Sky of Divorce

Today, I was doing a google search looking for places that had shared my content when lo and behold, I found this article.

It’s a blog on how even amongst the hardship of divorce & the holidays, someone was able to find gratitude in the situation.

That “someone,” was me.

A lawyer had found an article I wrote and was impressed with my outlook, and how so far my ex-husband and I have handled our divorce situation and our child.

I was stunned, and happy to see that a bad situation in my life has been able to provide some light and comfort to others going through the process or at the very least, a new perspective.

I never thought making such a difficult choice (that took us almost 2 years+) to make would have a positive impact on others, as well as myself.

In the end, I want my daughter to be able to grow up and say, “My parents put their own problems aside and worked together for me. They made it easy for me.”

Because really, do the kids ask for their parents to be divorced? No, they never do. So if we as parents cannot reasonably work together to stay together, the least we can do is work together to parent together.

She deserves that.

A Star Is In My Sky,


5 Signs You Are A Doormat

Does your face say ‘Welcome mat” all over it? Here are 5 signs you may be letting friends, family, co-workers, and more walk all over you. I also give you hopefully “recovering doormats” tips on how to say no, as well as some reasons you may be letting people trample all over you.

Turn over a new leaf in 2015 and start standing up for yourself!

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“No, I’m Not Your Bitch”- Laura Lifshitz

A Divorce Dictionary


Divorce (n.) 1.the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body.

v. 2.legally dissolve one’s marriage with (someone)

If you aren’t divorce or about to be divorced, or considering divorce than you probably just don’t understand what life is like for someone who is dissolving his or her marriage. Because I’m such a conscientious gal, I decided to make a little dictionary for those of you who want to know the real truth, and nothing but the truth so help you chocolate, about divorce.

Here is part I in my Divorce Dictionary:

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