10 Men Share How They Know Whether A Woman Is Short-Term Fun Or Worthy Of A Long-Term Relationship

Have you ever wondered what makes a guy settle down? Have you ever watched a lifelong bachelor finally decide on someone? What about your guy friends? Have you seen them swoon over one woman and act indifferent to another? Have you, as a woman, sat there before or during a date and made some sort of strategy, whether it was to hold off on kissing, sex, or avoiding or encouraging certain kinds of conversations?

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering how men categorize women they meet, strategizing and deciding how much of myself to reveal, give or offer up. After all, that’s what will make a good relationship in the long-run.

It’s always seemed straightforward: if a woman really likes a man, she should make him work for it and not give up too much. Because if a woman is too quick to hop in bed or seems to be too eager to be involved, a man puts her in that “short-term fling” category, instead of someone he’d want a long-term relationship with.

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Are You A Real Man? Take This Test To Find Out

Technically there are certain characteristics that a person must have biologically to qualify as male. Some folks may lack these but still feel they’re a man. And in that case, kudos to you– I support people who embody all different definitions of gender and gender performance.

However, I feel that there are certain personality traits and behaviors that define if a man is a man or not. Again, some of my male fans ( Love you boos) have complained that I haven’t called women out on enough of their garbage, but I deal with men in a different way than I do with women. I know full well that people are both good and bad regardless of gender, but with that disclaimer said, here are the things I use in my mind to define if a man is a man, or merely a boy.

Read on to enjoy more of my wit and wisdom on love, dating, sex, and the humankind.

And at the end, I will hook you up with three awesome men to learn about, which is all a part of my new series,  Real Men.

I figured I could promote amazing guys and show the world that I haven’t given up on men. I’m merely waiting for someone to recognize my worth and show it!

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Let’s Talk About Male Privilege

While I recognize that men share their hardships and trials in life…and I know that in constructing ideas about female identity (did I lose everyone? I hope not) that this in turn shapes ideas and “laws” about male identity, there are some great male privileges that I always wish I had freely, and no, I’m not talking about walking around shirtless. Sorry, dudes.

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Are you a newly-engaged man? Don’t run away yet

All people seem to care about are the females when it comes to the idea of wedding chimes.

“Oh the bride-to-be’s ring is so amazing!”

‘What dress will you wear?”

“When is the date?”

“Are you having a big wedding…or a small wedding?”

Yet no one gives two flying  you know what’s  about the dudes. You’re about to undergo a big life change too, but unless you plan on wearing a dress or throwing a fit over flower arrangements, no one will make a reality show about the husband-to-be.

Here’s a little sweet advice from your favorite spunky and fresh-mouthed blonde, me.

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If he isn’t chasing you, he doesn’t want you: Men 101

This is going to be one of my most useful, but fastest blogs to write to date.

If a man isn’t chasing you, he doesn’t want you.

If you are married or dating and he doesn’t actively want to have sex with you, he doesn’t want you.

Don’t give things up to a man too easily, unless of course, you just want something for the night, or he’s your husband and you’d like him to listen to you–for once.

Men like the chase. Whether you believe in evolution or not, (I do) men like to work hard to attain something. It makes them feel special, as if they’re on top of the food chain.

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What Single Men Should Do On Valentine’s Day


If cupid hasn’t struck you yet, don’t despair. You’re probably better off in fact.

While most guys could probably give two f@*ks about Valentine’s Day, I still have some amazing suggestions on how to celebrate in style whether you’re a player, an emo-depressive, or a guy’s guy. Read my suggestions for men of all creeds here in Male Standard.

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Or not.

By the way, in case you think I’m disloyal, I will soon have a post for my single ladies.

Love to you all, and if Cupid strikes you with his arrow, I hope he/she is hot, ready-to-go, and intelligent enough to have a decent conversation.

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Guys Want Sex on Valentine’s Day: Pamper the Guys this Valentine’s 2014

Valentine’s Day is notoriously marketed for women. And yes, I know it’s a Halmark holiday, but it exists, and if you’re a part of a couple, fling, or marriage, if you haven’t decided to nix Valentine’s Day celebrations from your pairing, expect that there might be some “expectations” for February 14th. And let me tell you, ladies hate for our expectations to be let down, but that doesn’t mean that on this day of roses, chocolates, and marriage proposals it’s just about us.

Men have needs too. In fact, your man might share these needs with you more than you’d like, but in case you weren’t listening, or you have never considered what a guy might want for Valentine’s Day, I’ve offered my suggestions on how to make your best man feel like a King here in Male Standard. Please read my article and share!

With that said, I hope men all over thank me for my good deed and pay me by following my blog, my Facebook or Twitter page, sharing this post, or by sending me chocolates and other toys.

Remember people, without sex and love, we’d be beating the crap out of each other and lonely.

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I Won’t Let a Man Abuse a Woman in Front of Me: Tales From The Bus

A few years back, there I was on the bus back into the city from my parent’s home in New Jersey. I was in my first year at Columbia, and diving head first into amazing classes on writing and psychology, as well as a few feminist courses. I was in my finest day: I love academics. Nothing makes me happier than a huge novel to read and write about.

Call me a loser, or just someone who doesn’t get enough action?

Or maybe you’re a lit-whore like myself. Welcome to the tribe jedi.

Anywhoo, there I was, just sitting in my seat, getting ready to study on the hour and a half ride when I heard him.

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5 Reasons Why Your Husband Is Not Interested In Sex

I know that this sounds like a total lie, but some men won’t bang their wives.You may be laughing right now, but it is indeed, true.

Do some googling. Male sex drive isn’t as “golden” and high-geared as the rumor mill would like you to believe. Here are some reasons why your husband may not be banging you.

Note: I’m not a therapist, so don’t think of my word as “bond” to quote old-school 80’s hip-hop, but think of my word as a guide for “next steps,” mainly, buying a vibrator and possibly hiring a private investigator. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Your Wife Is Not Interested In Sex

I find it funny. Most of the people who complain about not getting laid, are men. This doesn’t mean that some of my women friends or myself haven’t shared this complaint, but it does seem to be tossed around by the menfolk quite a lot.

Here are some potential reasons why your wife or girlfriend may not want to bang you. Note: I didn’t conduct any scientific polls or ask your wives in particular, so if any of these points shoot to close to home, don’t kill the messenger. Or your wife. Continue reading