6 Reasons Single Moms (& Dads) Deserve Love the Second Time Around

As a single mom or dad, you are amazing.

The problem is you most likely don’t realize that, or if you do, you have grown so independent that perhaps you’ve grown to believe that love might never walk down your street.

Society likes to shame moms who have had divorces. Article after article I’ve written, I will always find one person who likes to comment, accusing me falsely of walking out of my marriage, even though that wasn’t the case and even though we went through many rounds of counseling together.

Society likes to make comments about moms — or more likely the state the moms are in — after a father abandons or drops out of the child’s life.

There are so many myths about single parenthood in general, but sometimes, when you’ve grown tired of doing things on your own, it’s hard to not feel down and wonder:

“When will I find love again?”

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You Deserve It!



12 Ways “Type A” People Love Differently

Everyone has his or her own way of expressing love to a partner, but “Type A” people have their own little particular way of showing the people they love a little TLC.

Sometimes, you might feel like your Type A lover always has the answer and you don’t, but we’re not perfect and don’t expect you to be —although we set the bar high for ourselves and sometimes everyone around us.

No matter what, our minds are busy thinking of a million ways to do everything just right and sometimes it’s plain exhausting. Of course, as the object of a Type A’s affection you’ll always feel loved and adored, which is a great thing.

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Ditch the Expectations: 12 Cheap Date Nights With Your Partner

While I know some women are incredibly low-maintenance, quite a few of us are guilty of having high expectations. For example, it’s not romance unless the dude comes by on his horse. It’s not a date night if we have to find a sitter for the kids. For women, it’s not love unless the man does exactly the right thing, and lots of it. But if we show up to bed and say, “I want to have sex,” the man is happy. If the guy does the same thing . . . we’re not always happy. Sometimes, it’s not until we have children that we really alter our perspective on what’s romantic — mostly due to time and energy constraints. Suddenly, the act of someone doing the dishes looks romantic.

To get great date night ideas that are cheap, fun, and easy to do if you’re married with kids, read my article: Ditch your high expectations and enjoy these 12 cheap date nights with your partner!

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28 Day Love & Romance Challenge For Married People (Especially Married With Kids!)

One of the things that I missed the most in my marriage, was romance…and sex.

Having an active sex life with your partner whether that’s 1-2x a week or every day is really key in marriages. Once the sex goes, so does everything else. Yet with children on board, romance & sex seem more like metaphorical concepts than realities.

Try my 28 Day Love & Romance Challenge For Married People– especially you with kids, and see the difference in your daily life together.

Read here and take the challenge, or just try some of my romantic and sexy ideas!

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More Things You Shouldn’t Put On A Dating Profile: How to Online Date

It’s a scary world out there, but the fact is that you gotta live in it, and for some of us, date in it.

I haven’t dared to reach out to some of the nut jobs I see online, but I have learned some valuable lessons.

Dudes, if you want to nab a date or a hot “ride” for the night, here are some additional things you need to consider. To read my first 5 tips for what to NOT put on your online dating profile boys, go here.

Now without further adieu, here goes part II:

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The Language of Women: A Few Basics for Men

Are you there Men? It’s me. Laura. Pint-Sized Blonde Goddess of a Neurotically Warm and Open Nature.

I noticed you complain about how difficult we are to understand.

So true.

So I decided to throw out a few pointers to all of you struggling with women, a woman, or a few women.

Hey, whatever your flavor is your choice. As my dad always says when I ask him what he wants for Father’s Day: “A Blonde, A Brunette, and a Redhead.”

Too bad they don’t come that cheap Dad.

Anyway, I digress. Here are a few basic pointers to keep in the back pocket of your mind the next time you are dealing with a woman.

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Sorry Paula Abdul: Opposites Don’t Attract. Forever

Paula Abdul, a great dancer and subpar singer (okay, I hate her voice) once said “We come together ’cause opposites attract.” She sang these lyrics with an animated cat creature.

That alone should tell you how faulty and flawed her reasoning was from the get-go. But hey, it was 1989 and a lot of shit didn’t make sense, period.

Opposites are exciting–the differences between two entirely different people make for a fire. Excitement. Intrigue. It’s like visiting another country if you’re with someone who is a 180 of you. But here’s why I think in the long run, opposites repel like wildfire.

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I Want You Lloyd Dobler: Real Love, Real Life, Inspired by the Movies


He did martial arts…and hung out with an angry jilted chick with a guitar.

Who doesn’t love Lloyd Dobler?

And while I would prefer my menfolk to have a goal and direction other than following me around on a trip to college, there is something about Lloyd Dobler that makes me say, “Yes. Pick me Lloyd!”

Why I want my real-life Lloyd Dobler (and what men can learn from Lloyd.)

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