Single on Valentine’s Day? Who Cares!

Hi, my name is Laura and I am single on Valentine’s Day.
When I enter any store or public location, I am harassed and dazzled with hearts of pink and red and chocolate boxes and cards for people of all ages.
When I go to the store, my daughter points out all the Valentine’s Day candy she sees because apparently to four year-old’s, every holiday is a celebration of chocolate and gifts…upon them.
Truly, it is though.
I am Laura, and I am almost divorced, separated for almost two whole years and am completely and utterly single.
When I go to websites and social media outlets, retargeting ads hit me saying “Buy this sexy lingerie” or “Indulge in the taste of sweet chocolates.”
I am Laura, and I have gone on a bunch of dates and had not one real boyfriend (minus one guy who got really close) in the time I have been separated.

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As One & Happy,


6 Stages a Woman Goes Through When Enduring the Worst Sex of Her Life

You know how some people say there is no such thing as bad pizza — bad chocolate — bad sex?

Guess what? They were wrong! There is such a thing as bad sex and enduring it — well, enduring it requires the patience of a saint and the desire to avoid smacking the crap out of your bedmate. Here are the six stages every woman goes through while she’s dealing with a round of horrifically awful sex:

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Is It Brave or Insane to Choose to Divorce?

This is the thought that goes through my head sometimes, fifteen months after separating from my ex-husband (our divorce is still not official).

“Am I brave for moving forward with him, with the divorce? Or am I insane?”

Originally when we separated, a year or more seemed so far away. I thought for sure I would feel better — for good. I didn’t predict how tough it would be. I didn’t predict how sharing our child would still, fifteen months later, suck. Yes, suck. Splitting our daughter’s time in half has been tremendously difficult. When she is gone, it’s like I’m in the black & white scenes from the “Wizard of Oz”: twisters, an evil neighbor, and the dreariness of a flat Kansas plain about to erupt in a storm. All the color goes out of my life to some extent, and the house is eerily quiet.

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Insanely Brave,


Why Single Moms Should Have a Summer Fling

It’s not easy being a single parent whether you’re a single parent from the get-go, from divorce, due to the death of your partner, or for any reason really. And if you want to become “unsingle” and partner up with someone, you find right away that dating is a thousand times more difficult than it was before you had your child.

When people ask if I am dating, I laugh. I admit I knew it would be hard, but I had no idea how truly difficult it would be until I was actually “attempting” to date. So many single moms out there would love to meet a man they can trust and include in their lives as well as their children’s, but it’s something that takes time. You just cannot have the wrong person intermingling in your children’s lives at any cost. Too often, people rush to get into a relationship right after a divorce or breakup with the hopes of giving their children a nuclear family again and because it can be scary to be alone.

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Sunday Dinner Alone

It has been almost a year since my ex-husband and I separated from each other. And there are many things I have gotten used to…and some I have not.

I have gotten used to sleeping in an empty bed. Doing laundry without doing his. (obviously). Taking out the trash. Walking the dog.  I have gotten used to coming up late-ish at night and finding there is no one there to care that I am driving back safely.

And while there are a good many things I have not quite adjusted to, there is one I most particularly am struggling with:

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How To Date Yourself: How Dating Myself Led To Happiness

If you’ve ever heard the expression “you can’t love anyone until you love yourself first,” you know what I am talking about. Fact is, that cliche is true! After my marriage failed, I was so eager to date…yet I was like a baby deer, barely wobbling on my legs.

I needed to get it together first and adjust to single mom status…and then figure out who I was, what I wanted, and where I wanted to go next.

Whether you’re single and never been married, just recently getting out of a relationship or a marriage, here’s How Dating Myself Led to Happiness After Divorce. Hopefully this will help you find a happier stronger self!

With Sunshine and Kittens,


New Year’s Resolutions That Are Worthy To Keep For Divorced Moms (And the Divorced)

While originally my article concentrated on divorced and single moms, I really feel like so much of this advice can pertain to people who are divorced, sans children.

Normally, I find NYR to be a ridiculous notion that ends up being forgotten once you’re too cold and snowed in ( I live on the East Coast) to give a s*#t about what you eat, do, or say. But now as I am entering into a totally new stage of life– divorce, and have no rule book or guidelines to follow, I started to think about how I wanted the next year to look. And that’s when these thoughts or resolutions came to my head.

Enjoy and share these New Year’s Resolutions. They’re easy to keep and simple and that my friends, are the only resolutions you need!

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With a tooting horn, fake orgasm, and midnight kiss,


Dating in the Digital Age: When Match.Com Says Your Ex is A Match For You

Now that I am almost divorced, I figured I would try online dating. I’m a single mom, I work full-time, I freelance, and I have a full life outside of all of that (as if that weren’t enough). I don’t have time or a babysitter to be at a bar each night, waiting for Romeo to show up, so I figured why not try to catch a fish from the comfort of my laptop and iPhone.

Ha.Boy, was I not prepared for what I found in the “new” online dating world. Since I met my ex, things have changed, and this article details my journey in the digital world: from foot slaves to 19 year-old guys, read my experience.